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I'm the total opposite. I love both games but I always thought lba1 was a much better game.The 3D graphics of lba2 have aged really badly. I was playing a lot recently when speedrunning it; some of the landscape are bland and gray (especially in undergas and Zeelich) and it seems you have less places to visit. I think that feeling comes from the fact that lba1 was more an open world, you could go back and forth to most places. In lba 2 that's not the case.
Also i just cant stand the new enemies in lba2, the Francos are basically just sausages and the Esmer look too much like Quetchs.
The plot of lba1 despite being quite simple is much stronger. You can feel the pressure of dictatorship and the rebellion against the system, the quest for freedom, the struggle of the people. Lba2's plot is more unclear and less inspiring.

I think to some extent lba1 has more maturity and darkness to it while lba2 is more fun and less serious. So it's a question of taste really. But I think lba1 is closer to what Fred Raynal had imagined. I quote him from Wikipedia "we wanted to do a story for adults, something quite mature". His other works also show a taste for more serious themes in games: alone in the dark and 2Dark.
But this is just my opinion and of course there's always the wall hit annoyance in lba1...

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