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Originally Posted by G.A. Zogem View Post
well, you can't complete the game without the radio...
Not really true, just don't pick it up. Proof it's possible. Yes you need bugs, but not so much "you can't complete the game without the radio".

Originally Posted by G.A. Zogem View Post
I could've called it an "integrated super dynamo circuitry mechanism" but I decided to go with "portable radio". A little catchier, huh? Incidentally, I'll let you know when the Proto-Pack is ready, it'll let you fly around in complete safety.
I do remember this from somewhere... especially the ISDCM part...
I've got a fantastic memory, it makes me say "oh, I know this already", but never wherefrom

However, I think this is a quote from LBA1. When Baldino first introduced you to the proto-pack. This would explain why I don't remember clearly.
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