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Originally Posted by Lupin View Post
Yeah, I'm amazed by the progress they've already managed to make so far, with the Raptor engine and the fuel tank. The fuel tank gives you a sense of the insane size of the thing.

Compare that to the falcon 9 upper stage fuel tank...

It's interesting how it looks like a sci-fi rocket (particularly the spaceship part) and at the same time you see many aspects of the Falcon 9, and of the Space Shuttle as well as other current or past rockets.

The design looks promising from an engineering standpoint, it looks rather simple, with less overall complexity, thus less points of failure than say something like Saturn V or the Space Shuttle. And it looks like it's well designed for fast and efficient manufacturing. It makes total sense for Elon Musk to work on Tesla (and SolarCity) at the same time, you see the experienced gathered there transfer to SpaceX manufacturing.

I'm pretty confident that they can manage to build something close to this within 10 years. Make it fly safely enough to carry humans? I guess that will take a bit more time.
That fuel tank is amazing. How... how do you even build such a seamless structure so big? What kind of machines can manufacture that? astounding size...
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