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I've been very close to buying a Hololens a few times. Honestly its more the software side putting me off then the hardware/cost right now. Still seems a bit limited, even for a developer. All the focus and tools seem on Unity development. No scope for Java/non-C++ or non-DirectX stuff at all - and given 90% of my experience is in either web development or java thats not too useful to me :P

I'll probably wait a few months, as by then there might also be more news on products in the "Windows Holographic" family.

The way I see it tho, the future really isn't in geo-tracking, laser scanners, multiple cameras and stuff like that housed in bulky frames. But in markerless tracking schemes, neural networks and such that will make a simpler device able to understand and learn the space, rather then hold an exact 3D representation of it in it's "mind".
Better AI might certainly reduce the need for sensors. Understand more from little.
One way or another you need to get a mesh of the environment in some form in order to have proper occlusions and shadow casting though.

Form factor though, pretty sure the Hololens (and other things like Meta/Spaceglass) its all the optics making them so big. I suspect MagicLeap will be the same whenever that finally comes. I am not a optics expert, but it seems there's some difficulty getting good fov while also getting the focal point comfortable in a small form factor.
I'm sure it will get better, but probably take a few generations of hardware till its really "slick". Maybe the same sort of trend as mobile phones.
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