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Citadel Island has got to be the most iconic videogame island of all time. So many people 3D modelled this place, dreamed of this place, had their fondest childhood memories right there, and so much more...

Nice work, it looks vibrant. Do you think of making a small playable game out of this?
A few years ago, under the guise of protecting the population, Dr. FunFrock herded the planet's habitants into the southern hemisphere. The repression is harsh. Every day brings more and more arrests, and the people slowly begin to lose hope. In an effort to keep their spirits up, the people sometimes evoke an ancient legend along with the name of a goddess, Sendell. The mentioning of the legend or Sendell has since been forbidden by Dr. FunFrock. Meanwhile... a young quetch named Twinsen has been having strange dreams...
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