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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Also several of their projects failed for various reasons, the most well-known being Agartha...

But wait, I have a French videogame history book somewhere, let me look that up.

Edit : So,

After LBA2 came out, the owner of Adeline-Delphine decided to cash, yes. So the studio started looking for other sources of money, and they found what appeared to be a safe bet, an international company with a strong presence on the video game market, about to launch a new console... Sadly for Raynal and his team, it was SEGA.
After being bought by SEGA, Adeline became No Cliché, they developped Toy Commander and Toy Racer for the launch of the Dreamcast, and while the numbers were not being outstanding, the console was still selling nicely, so No Cliché got new offices, hired new people, etc...
But eh, you know how it all ended, the Playstation was going strongly, after the PS2 came out, it totalled more sales in a few months than the Dreamcast in a year, and the arrival of the Xbox didn't help either.
Although SEGA payed everything they owed to No Cliché, the studio just sat there with a finished game that would never come out, Raynal refusing to let any other developpers meddle with Agartha for a possible port, and then...


Yeah, a sad course of events...

Edit2 : Re-reading your question, it is true that we do not have much information as to why Paul de Senneville decided to stop sponsoring the company... This is conjecture on my part, but that guy was interested in audiovisuals, and mainly music (he is a composer and music producer). I think he simply wasn't interested in videogames anymore...
Thanks so much for the detailed explanation!
That makes all sense now. So, contrary to wikipedia, it's not bankruptcy, rather he just decided to sell the company and call it a day in this videogaming biz.
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