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Citadel Island: Lupin-burg



Welcome to Lupin-Burg (Citadel Island).

Lupin-burg is the only city on Citadel Island. Running north and south along the western side of the city is Green Corulla Street. On the opposite side of the city, running the same direction, is Safeguard Street. At the northern most end of the city, running east to west, is Little Vachond Street and at the southern end is Bug Street. Additionally, during Dr. Funfrock's dictatorship, there was Dr. Funfrock Square.

Lupin-burg is the second most populated city on the southern hemisphere (The Old Burg is the most populated), and possibly on all of Twinsun. When Dr. Funfrock was in power, Lupin-burg suffered greatly under the shadow of the Citadel. It was used as a 'testing ground' for new and improved surveillance equipment in addition to the normal clone patrols. Even tanks and bunkers were placed to ensure total control over the populace. One step out of line in Lupin-burg could easily wind up in the Citadel, or worse. Many buildings were bricked up for unknown reasons. Presumably, enemies of the state were inside under house arrest.

Eventually, Funfrock lost his grip on Lupin-burg and the city was freed, but only for a short while. With the invasion of the Esmer race, Lupin-burg once again fell under strict watch. However, unlike Funfrock's rule, noone could be found within Lupin-burg's limits. Mine fields, remote heavy artillery, and foot solders of the Zeelichian Emperor lined the streets.

There are several places of interest within Lupin-burg.
  • Baggage Claim
  • Chez Luc
  • Miss Bloop's Private Museum
  • Pharmacy
  • School
  • Shop


In Twinsen's initial escape from the Citadel to his home, he had to traverse across Lupin-burg without being detected by Dr. Funfrock's minions. This would be one of many times that Twinsen would visit Lupin-burg. He found many items in Lupin-burg such as his protopack, Sendell's Ball, and his ancestral tunic.

Twinsen encountered the first Esmers to land in Lupin-burg. He also fought against them as they slowly took control of the city.


Lupin-burg is spelled as Lupin-bourg after Funfrock's fall. Additionally, it is possible to use the Horn of Gawley on the bust of Dr. Funfrock in the middle of Lupin-burg to gain access to a room in the sewers underneath.


Bug Street


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