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So. Much. Info! This is gold for an LBA fan like me.

Other findings!
-Mushrooms were supposed to be an item, and they would have aided in the fight against Tralu! Odd. Sounds like Zed was onto something after all with his mushroom fetish.

-There was also a fake tunic and medallion that Joe the elf would have worn as a diversion to let Twinsen escape from Otringal astroport!

-Twinsen was gonna get the protection spell along with the school of magic diploma!

-Twinsen was gonna meet the Weather Wizard on his first trip to Zeelich and he was gonna hand him the pearl of incandescence to complete the ring of lighting back on Twinsun. Odd!

-The pistolaser was to be found in an armoury in the astroport of Otringal instead! Cool!

-Celebration Island was gonna be inaccessible until the day of the great celebration because of a favourable lunar cycle happening only that very day, with thick gas and monster blocking access otherwise. Also Twinsen would be able to hear the chanting of the kidnapped children from that direction

-Twinsen was gonna save a Mosquibee from gas monster, and would win the favour of the Queen by doing this. (Note that I found no mention of the dissidents at all in the script so far)
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