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Originally Posted by alexfont View Post
Yeah, we need to be careful at least in the first months of release where they hit the sales. But I'm sure those gamer's don't buy the game only for the sake of extra content.

This script is a damn extra!!! I hope to be able to read it. My French knowledge almost gone...
Well... Google Translate's translation is fairly understandable.
Originally Posted by J McKalling View Post
What I really don't understand, is WHY was this changed? Why all this dissidents plot, instead of helping out a mosquibee etc? And why was the Weather Wizard removed from the scenes on Otringal, eventhough the final cutscene still shows he was there because he is seen in the leaving shuttle?
What? The dissidents are one of the best parts of the game! They add soul and life to the story. I mean these people rebelling against their emperor and government make it more complete and believable.

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