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Originally Posted by J McKalling View Post
I see, I understand what you mean. But my question still remains. Regardless of when the change was made during the development of the game, what was the reason for it? I mean it sure could have been both, requeing the priest and the dissidents as well
The island under the volcano has always made me wonder why it's there...
I don't really think there was a real "reason" behind it, they just thought it was better this way (and it is!). As for the volcano island... Well I don't know. Maybe the wannie who tells you where the queen is if you cure him wasn't originally there and they included that island beacuse the Mosquibees there also tell you the queen's location, but later they realised it was unneccessarily long and included a shorter way. But for the sake of providing multiple options to learn about the queen's whereabouts (thus creating a less linear storyline), they kept Volcano island in the game.
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