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They made too big of a deal about Joss dying. This right there might be the single one thing I detest most about American shows. Yes, I get it - the audience naturally cares more about main characters then secondary characters. But the worst thing you can do is make the show's characters care more about the main characters. It's just so wrong. It always disturbs me when extras die and nobody cares. Yes, they aren't important to the audience, but they should be important to other people in the show's universe just as much as the main characters are.

Lost was the worst in that aspect. In the start it wasn't like that. The losties made a big deal about a woman that drowned whom we haven't even seen. But in the later seasons it was just awful. The "red shirts" dropping like flies and nobody cares... it might be meant to be comical, but if that's the case they were doing it wrong. It just ruined Lost entirely.

You don't have to put the deaths of secondary character at the center of the stage, but you should show that in the show's universe they aren't lesser people.
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