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Guess I'll check it out.
A few new sci-fi shows poped up. Both pretty cheap, but I am a sucker for things set in space.

Dark Mater - Ridiculously cheesy title card, and a bunch of cliches chucked together...yet so far it kinda works for me. Bunch of people wake up on a spaceship with no memory, retaining the skills from their previous life but pretty much nothing else. Except there is a big cargo of guns in the hold and they dont know why.
Few episodes in and I like the stories so far - bits of humour and distinct personalities (even if they are all archtypes).

KillJoys - A bit more originality here although perhaps not pulling of the "bantar" and (I think) GotG like tone its going for. Editing/pacing issues a bit, but also very fun in places.
Has one of the people from Warehouse 13 sort of doing a Star-Lord esq role.
Basically about two bounty space. (but they have secrets in their past, because, of course they do)


Other then that the 3rd season of Defiance started. But thats not in space. But, hay, Aliens, lots of aliens. And politics. Alien politics. Close as we get to Babylon5 at the moment -sigh-.

Not much feels epic on TV these days which is why I find myself reading comics more and more.
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