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Tried a few more things.

Powerless - I often thought there was plenty of scope for comedy around superheroes, but every time they try to mix the two it comes out lame. I always thought this was because they try to follow the heroes and add comedy - rather then taking the perspective of civilians that have to work in a absurd world.
Powerless does just that - its a office comedy set in the DC Universe, about a firm trying to sale products that help protect people.
It suffers from the normal US problem of having to point out their jokes, when they would work so much better in the background. It also suffers due to the "comady about a firm making crazy gadgets" has been done far far better in "Better Of Ted"

Riverdale -
Murder mystery set in a small town. Again, ok.
Whats interesting is the source material for this;

Is this;

A comedy/romance comic going on for, I dunno, a century or something.
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