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Aaaaand Yaru won!!! No legs broken, either! Unless you count scissors blades as legs, in which case, many legs were broken.

YARU HAS WON! yay! First place in the gaming category. Which means this Tuesday, two days from today - Yaru will compete against the other 7 winners of the different categories in the final match: Fintech, IOT, Cyber & Security, Robotics & Autonomous, Media & Internet, Smart Mobility, and Agritech & Foodtech.

How can Yaru possibly compete against a startup that's going to feed hungry children in Africa, you ask? No idea. But I didn't make the rules, so let's do it, I guess!

We've also finally fully released Yaru in Google Play, making it findable in Google Play search.

I would very much appreciate it if you guys (who like the game) rate it 5 stars. A positive review would also be lovely. Would help us very much at this stage. If you can't rate since you're in the beta program, you can feel free to leave the beta program - as it's now released to everyone equally anyway and being a beta tester doesn't add anything at this point. (You'll always be able to be a beta tester again later again if you like.) Thanks!
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