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PC. Nothing beats the hardwarematic customability, prices (competition), compatibility, support and speed, although some people clame otherwise on that last point.

By the way, I wonder why are people always thinking "Windows OR Linux?" and "pc OR Mac?"... why not have best from both worlds and just have both?
I have a Windows PC as primary workstation, and a second pc in the room next door which runs Linux and is remotely accessable (it's more like a server than a workstation). This way I can perfectly use advantages of both OSes.
Yeah, two pc's are more expensive than one of course, but one of them doesn't have to be bleeding edge in order to run a secondary os.

Also, I won't "switch" (I dislike that term) to Macs any time soon, but I wouldn't mind having an Apple laptop instead of a common pc laptop if I'd be getting a laptop right now. Mostly because I already have normal pc's at home.
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