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Well, my global list of favorates anyone can see from my sig;
You can see my top ten list of everything by just doing an advanced search for darkflame without the videogame filter.
(feel free to make your own lists! review stuff correlate tastes to other reviewers! goto rateaho...blah blah blah)

But, filtered so that only one entry of each series;

1. Mario series (Galaxy, World, 64, 3,2,1)
2. LBA
3. Mario RPGs (specificaly SuperStarSaga and PaperMario2)
4. Zelda series
5. Portal
6. Prince of Persia Sands of Time series.
7. Metroid Corruption
8. Beyond Good and Evil
9. Eternal Darkness
10. Okami


1. As others have said; Mario is just simple gameplay refined to a superb degree by Nintendo. Its in many ways the definitive video game. Each entry in the series offering just enough changes to make it fresh, while still be instantly playable. Most recently having non-liner gravity planes, which, imho, works fantasticaly well.

2. LBA, for obvious reasons.

3. Hugely underated titles. To me close to perfect RPGs. SuperStarSaga has everything. Great puzzles, some good platforming (with a neat twist), and unlike most mario games, it has fun story with lots of charecters.
PaperMario2 simerla takes RPG platforming and puzzles and blends them together nearly perfectly.

4. Zelda, well, duh. Like LBA I love massive environments with lots to do. Its not about having massive epic storys, but about having a rich environment with lots to discover. The Zelda series defines action adventure gaming, and for good reason.

5. Portal. This game was a triumph. I made a note here, its a huge success. Its hard to overstate my satisfaction.

6. Sands Of Time series Probably the best told story of any videogame I know. Gameplay and story flow together perfectly. Like Mario, simply running about and "playing" with your character is fun. The time mechanic makes experimentation never a real punishment.
Sadly, Warrior Withen sucked, destroying all sense of story and atmosphere completely.
Fortunately, the 3rd game in the series made up for it, and gave it an ending it deserved.

7. Metroid Corruption - Probably the best controlls of any videogame ever made. Maximum immersion, short of having steroscopicaly head tracked 3D, its hard to picture a game feeling more real then this. Accurate and intuitive you feel like your samus.
Hugely atmospheric and artistic environment designs together with a decentish length and a fair amount of bonus material makes it one of the best Wii games by a large margin. Like other metroid games, its never directly tries to be any specific genra, allthough this is closer to a normal FPS then the other games in the series.

8. Like LBA. Like Zelda. Like BG&E :P nuff said.

9. Eternal Darkness - Another under-the-rader title. Best horror game I have played. Single-handedly doing more for the genra that AitD started then any other game.
While much praised is put on its brillent sanity system, the real joy lies in the well structured story, and great magic spell system.
The game also isnt scared to break its own rules for dramatic effect....more games should have that courage.

10. Okami I'm still playing this game, but its safe to say Okami will be in my top ten. It borrows hugely from the extent that some puzzles and areas seem rip-offs. But its hard to critise when it also does so many original things too, as well as being the most gobsmacking beutifall game ever made.

Okami, a PS2 game (ported to the Wii), still beats the crap out of any 360 and PS3 game visually.
Its a real showcase of how art can trumph over tech.
Fortunately, its not just style, its got a heck of a lot of substance to the game too.
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