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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
Seriously, browsing the MBN is getting depressing.

I have met in here great, unique friends, that were attracted by their love for LBA and found this to be a pleasant and interesting place to stay.

But now, I feel sad for the would-be great new members who otherwise would've joined the forum now if it was like it was 5-7 years ago. If I had just found this forum right now, and browsed it for a while, my impression would be that joining this place would be a complete and utter waste of time.

Can't you all just cut the crap?
Post relevant stuff ffs.

(... someone had to say this ...)
I absolutely agree. I've been browsing these days - all I've seen was massive amounts of trolling. You can no longer discuss anything without some people barging in and filling the thread with useless remark. Once it at least used to be confined in Off topic and Roofles Den, but now it's even spread to sections like General...

I've stopped posting much myself, I mean why contribute when it seems people here just wait for the perfect occasion to barge in and troll. If this was like it was a few years ago, when the trolls trolled but at least there were some good active people here I could talk with, fine but now it seems most good people have gone and this place is mostly infested by trolls.

And it seems even the few discussions I try to engage in, end up with trolling. Always by the same people. I wonder, how much time will it take before those running the forum finally take some action about that? There's no way the forum can regain any form of discussion when the issue of trolls is blatantly ignored by the people who can take some action...
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