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Dinofly Chex Quest

So I had a bit of a nostalgic overload today...

Ok so I used to play this game all the time. It was a promo game that came in Chex cereal boxes back in 1996. There's 3 games to play, Chex Quest 1-3. I recommend downloading this game if you like 1st person shooters And just because it's awesome.

Chex Quest is a weird, non-violent first-person shooter running on the Doom engine that, as you may have guessed, featured a lot of Chex cereal themes.

The game’s hero is the Chex Warrior, a human-like creature in an anthropomorphic piece of Chex cereal armor. I mean, c’mon, how can it get any more awesome than that?!

If you’re wondering how a non-violent FPS works, the Chex Warrior shoots the enemies, the slimy Flemoid creatures, with a “Zorcher,” which teleports things instead of blowing their guts all over the place.

The music isn't half bad either which is a huge bonus .

Here's a short video of the first level and shows what the game is like:

Fortunately, this game DOES run on newer operating systems so I recommend grabbing the free download (which containes all 3 games). Downloading is the only way to get the game now.
Here's the link:

Although the download link reads "Chex Quest 3", don't fret, as it still contains all 3 games.

Now get to downloadin', and kick some Flemoid butt!

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