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Originally Posted by StreGGy View Post
I tried Chex quest 3
I set max difficulty and I finished all my ammos, cos i didn't notice that enemenies keep respowning. It was cool to fight for my life using a spoon, and being killed by a weird alien flying in a loittle spacecraft. Even the dieing/respowning screen and some sounds are ripped off from doom haha
Some bits are even translated to italian... seriously, what the heck?

EDIT - oh, zdoom.pk3 file is there... it means it uses the original doom engine :P That explains the sounds and the translations

I played some more episodes, and the game is really hard and fast paced. Didn't really expect that... nice!
Awesome glad your enjoying it Streggy

It a really decent game for being free and coming in a box of cereal.
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