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Any projects still running?

Hey guys was just wondering if any projects were still running. I Remember two years ago when LID demo was released, it encouraged me to the point of insomnia to mod. Me and My younger brother along with 6 cousins of mine tried making our own mod for the game but an unfortunate hard drive crash wiped all of it away I think I cried all week after that. We had all text/script work done, all,grids finished, models at 80% and scenes were at 20%, I had spent months in the build up hoping to learn python and c++ but coding was a daunting task for a group of amateurs :/. We worked almost 6 hours a day after school and before, we finished nearly 200 quality grids and scenes and over 60 new models. We reconstructed entire islands created new bricks and layouts the entire game's story was original and inter-twined with lba. over 60 new animations for the characters were also created and we were atleast 30% finished. The coding was by far the most challenging, since I was the most actice member in the group I constantly had to work. I never managed to quite grasp the concept and wasted nearly a month on just one scene until I understood it better and after the 20th scene I started to get the hang of it. But after about 6 months into the project, the hard-drive overheated severely and was damaged beyond repair. No data could be retrieved, at first I was not fazed as I thought my cousins whom I entrusted with backing up the files after each checkpoint had them, but somehow as I would later find out they never managed to collect them distraught and heartbroken. I was ailing for Weeks, all that work was in vain and I felt useless. I felt like My masterpiece was lost forever and it truly was, but the strangest thing is that in the aftermath of all that turmoil, suffering and disappointment If I had the chance I'd do it all over again. That's lba for ya!
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