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The reason why this project is taking so long has nothing to do with the engine, and everything to do with the number of active members and the amount of free time each member has.

Alex could very well be working on an engine from scratch, but it wouldn't save him any more time. As is, he's the ONLY programmer that's active on the team. That's the equivalent of one artist creating all art assets for an AAA game.

As a matter of fact, we do have several .exe files and I suppose what you may call "demos" of the Prequel. But some of the stuff is too old and the newer stuff has been made for purposes of beta testing within the Dev team.

I know from the outside it may seem like Prequel is dead, but it's far from it. We have some sort of progress either from the programmers, artists, storywriters occuring almost daily in the forum. We are trying our best, but we have jobs, school, life, and nobody is paying us 40,000 USD / EUR per year to work fulltime on this game. And that's really the truth of it all.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome to do so. But please refrain from skepticism as it brings down the morale in the team. We more than appreciate, however, any cheerful commentary such as:

"I bet you guys are going to have an ASS kicking game when it comes out!"

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I still think it's futile ... people with such experience like you should start making the game from scratch ... in 1-2 years it would be complete and WELL done ... why try reinventing the wheel ??? for me it just doesn't add up ... the whole LBA engine thing being used to make a game is .... stupid, sorry it's like me and Jasiek would try to extract the models from the original LBA for years, wasting time, instead of making our own (which we do) ...
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