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Originally Posted by Quetch View Post
well by all means, I didn't wanna bring you down AT ALL ...
Yes you did.
Originally Posted by Quetch View Post
in fact I wanted to give you a glance of what might be outside the window ...
That's nice... But we have our minds set on a certain idea and goal so we're going to go for that instead of wasting time experimenting with new things and fiddle-farting.
Originally Posted by Quetch View Post
anyway, I myself am the single programmer responsible for the upcoming game (made by me, Jasiek and Kit) ... so once I'll start programming, I'll let u know so that u can see how fast results can come to life if you use your time wisely.
Alex spends as much time as he can to program on the engine. He has said in a previous post that he even finds a little bit of time to program while he is at work... So don't think that you have the advantage over us by 'using your time wisely'.

All of us, as Don has said, have lives, jobs and commitments that have priority.
I might as well say it, I am working on a system that will hopefully speed up our productivity by a lot, but I don't know how long it will take now because I was forced to reinstall OS X and lost all data - including the system I've been developing (sorry guys!).
I'm now having to work longer and later to get back to where I was before - so don't you dare(!) say that you can show how to prioritize time.
Originally Posted by Quetch View Post
Anyway, as I've said, I will shut up now and SERIOUSLY, I am looking forward for the smallest demo ... you can give us even one of those old EXEs ... for Pete's sake, I wanna move Twinsen around the screeeennn !!!!!!!!
It won't be for a long while...

Now, don't take this as a personal attack, I'm just fed up with the way that you've been treating the MBN and our project.
Just remember, what happens in localhost, stays in localhost.

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