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And Then There Was War

And Then There Was War - Episode 1

"Never again," said Dr. Funfrock as he peered down the fathomless drop from the edge of the cliff in shredded, grubby off-white scrubs clinging to his cut and bruised body in the impeding wind.

"You may have destroyed my dreams, you may have destroyed my revenge, but you will never take my pride!"
Funfrock limped down the lava-strewn pathway down to the base of Celebration Island. A look of iron determination and pure evil flashed in his eyes as he mumbled to himself,
"Twinsen thought this would save Zeelich, by breaking the curse? Bah, the fool! Did he forget that since the curse was brought to this God-forsaken place that the Mosquibees and Wannies moved into the Under-Gas?"

As he reached the base he saw a Franco guard using a gas-hovercraft as a makeshift water-hovercraft. In a flash of an eye a red ray of plasma pierced through the Franco and all that was left of his sorry existence was the smell of viennas on a stick over the fire.

As Funfrock made his way onto the hovercraft he continued his ramblings:

"Wannies and Mosquibees do not live in that hell-hole by choice, they were forced there in the Zeelichian Civil War, but that stupid sod knows none of this. They will never be allowed to live in this paradise, and will remain confined to the last of the Lava-Lands."

Dr. Funfrock now neared the Under-Gas elevator,
"Dr. Funfrock never has no Plan B! Twinsen should have realized that last time."

As Funfrock climbed onto the blood-stained platform he moved swiftly, his bad leg seemingly improving by the minute. He reached a cupboard hidden at the base of the elevator, opened the door and removed a purple suit, white shirt, white shoes, aviators, a yellow homburg with a red feather and a gold-encrusted walking stick.

"These creatures will not be happy...not at all. What if someone were to them that might truly makes...right?"

A dark evil laugh permeated the surrounds as an energy shield surrounded the elevator and slipped into the unknown.
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