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And Then There Was War - Episode 3

"I am not a villain."


Dr. Funfrock lay curled up at the base of his bed in the Wannie Building Society, the temporary military headquarters of the Wannies.

"War only arises when there are multiple factions. So long as there are multiple rules, so will there be war. I seek only to unify the Zeelichians, while freeing the Undergasser from their long-obsolete debt. It is through this war that true peace can finally be found."

Funfrock grabbed at a pillow and threw it into the far corner of his room.

"Twinsen does not understand that. He has no insight. He destroys long-term solutions to society by performing temporary, misled acts of righteousness."

"But now the time of that Twinsunian is over. Let him drive that carbuncle on the backside of the universe he calls home to ruin. Zeelich will be mine!"

Funfrock stood up, picked up the pillow from the floor, turned to the mirror and straightened his ponytail.

A soft tapping was heard on the door.

"Enter." said Funfrock coolly, almost in a trance as he straightened his tunic.

A Wannie, Harold, entered the room. His knees wobbled slightly in the presence of Dr. Funfrock, but he remained to his resolve.

"S-Sir. It''s ah...time." he gasped out finally.

"Very well, my champion. You are dismissed." said Dr. Funfrock, still pondering over his own reflection in the mirror.

As inconspicuously has he came, Harold left, quietly closing the door behind him.

"And now to drop the curtain. Sometimes the greatest good can truly only be reached by blood."

And with that Funfrock Opened the curtains of his room, flung the doors to his balcony open and stepped out into the red-hue surrounds. As he stepped out columns of Wannies simultaneously stood at attention along the passage towards the elevator. Funfrock raised his arm slightly in greeting. In response the Wannies raised their pickaxes and make-shift weapons, making a blood-curdling war-cry in unison.

"My brothers, the Undergas is ours!"
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