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Originally Posted by Rex_Hollywood View Post

Fallout 2 is more or less an enhanced version of the first Fallout, and both offer endless possibilities in a beautifully apocalyptic world. I lost count of how many times I played it, and I still find new little things every time.

Jedi Outcast has a bit of a weak beginning, but once you get your force powers and lightsaber it becomes really fun, but that's just a relatively minor aspect of the game. The multiplayer is without a doubt the best I've ever played, very well balanced with excellent maps and mods.

The Longest Journey seems to be the last point & click game I'll ever really love, the beautiful scenery, brilliant puzzle and fascinating story make it a one of its kind.

I admit I didn't like Deus Ex on my first try. And my second. And third. But when I finally got myself past the first 15 minutes, I discovered a flawed yet still amazingly fun game. Very few games at that length manage to get me to the very end without the "glad it's over already" feeling, the story was just too good to get tired of, and the whole leveling up system was really fun.
Longest Journey is on my top 5 list. Brilliant from start to finish. I just fell in love with the scenary and the characters from the very start, so I never experienced the "dragginess" of the first few chapters that everyone seems to complain about.

Dreamfall, on the other hand, while having many fine points, just didn't have what it takes to reach TLJ's quality. The creators had good intentions but unfortunately it fell into a pit that many sequals fall into: a lack of realization as to what made the original game so great.

I became addicted to Deus Ex by the time the tutorial level began. Something about the straightforward, smart dialogue really drew me. And then of course there was this fantastic aspect of "finishing every level the way you want it."

Fallout 2 also has fantastic dialogue and a compelling dark world, but the game is too bloody hard. I have yet to finish the last few hours of gameplay.
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