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hard..very hard to give them an order!

ok let's say
1. Start Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast (PC. 2002)
2. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (PC. 2004)
3. Little Big Adventure 2 (1997)
6. Football Manager (from 2005 to 2009)
5. Pro Evolution Soccer (from PES6 to 2009, PS2 and PC)
6. Beyond Good & Evil (PC. 2003)
7. Mass Effect (PC 2008)
8. Kingdom Hearts (PS2. 2003)
9. Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2. 2005)
10.Fifa 98
(edited the mess about kingdom hearts 1 and 2)

I'm a great Star Wars fan, and when i played JK2 i totally felt in love with it. The story is good and the gameplay is fantastic. If only non-jedi characters had a better AI it would have been one of the best shooters ever, IMHO.

KOTOR... I'm not the big fan of RPGs here but I liked this game first for being a Star Wars game, and when you go further with the storyline you can't think anything else but that it's one of the best storylines ever.
The moment in which you find out that your character is actually Revan, is in my opinion the best part ever seen in video games

LBA2, well
Football Manager and Pes... not much to say.

Beyond Good & Evil, touching story, nice gameplay, great design of characters and places, and a lot of elements that seem to come directly from LBA1 and 2. A great game.

Mass Effect: Bioware used a lot of concepts used for Knights of the Old republic, no doubt: making important decision(good or evil), being able to speak to your companions, unlocking quests by discovering their secrets, all characters levelling up together without need to train them one by one, choose to have a love affair with another companion, decide to kill or save one of your companions, having the ability to persuade or threaten other characters... all of this has been used in KOTOR already, and it makes the game great. And it's amazing of how many voices and voice actors they used to make this game, that's exactly what KOTOR lacked of, and they did a great job.

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.. well I liked the story, in parts, but I liked the idea to have all disney characters in two games.. nothing much

Fifa98.. Probably it was the game on which i spent more hours on. If you play it now it seems shit compared to todays games, but back then it was gold
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