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The core of the interface is the seed.

people working in a green place. same work, but different color. they discover green suddenly turn them into heroes and nothing can stop them. they are changed by their enviroment. the enviroment changed people, and changed people changed people. People are so focused and fearless, no more fog. fog away - bad bad BAAAAD fog.if I was in a VERY TALL building with a lot of green and green-related objects and stuff My MIND will be free. I just need the setup. I just need to create the external stimuli. I should make it my mission to CREATE the external stimuli. The ultimate external stimulis of all external stimulis. I'll master it and perfect it. and a man goes into the building of the stimuli and after a short adjustment period he will be in the place he was looking for his whole life. and once he's there, he'll be truly happy. Reborn, clear-minded, and able to harness the massive amount of energy that's been lazing about in his mind.

expend the core of interface, and let it grow. Saw off all of the tree, just make it into a seed again. A core. let it grow freely, in a new direction. FREE from prejudice. It doesn't know how interfaces are supposed to look like. So do that. The core is the seed. The core is the initial idea. An idea about wanting a certain external stimuli to have for an interface. Make it true. Make it true. Make it trure. I want that external stimuli, it will staighten me out. giiiiiiiiivvvve iitt too meeeeeeeeeee

...story of my life.
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