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Nope, he does not return. Once he's dead, that's it - does not appear anymore no matter how many times you visit again. It's strange really, because that seems to be one of the only places in LBA1 where you go to kill someone and they don't respawn the next time you re-enter the scene.

Isn't that a weird design choice? I guess the developers figured that the player did not need to go again, so it's just empty afterwards (besides the extra Kashes in the register - you can keep going to get I think 10 Kashes each time).

I still clearly remember the dialogue:

Pharmacist: Twinsen, what are you doing here? I heard you were arrested only yesterday.

*Alarm blares!*

Twinsen: They let me out early for good behavior!

Pharmacist: Impossible! Nobody gets out of the Citadel alive.

*Grobo yells!*

*Twinsen beats everyone up, robs the cherry syrup and even the Kashes*

But, I still cannot think of any other location in the game that's like this. Do you know of any other location?
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