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You know, I was going to recommend my best comics of 2016. But Its really hard.
Not that there isnt any; on the contrary, it seems a golden age for comics now. Possibly the big money injection from films and tv giving them confidence to experiment.

But often its the very things making them good that make them hard to recommend.
A few years back, for example, Marvel started a principle of keeping the same writer doing a character or series for as long as that writer wanted. So you end up with awesome multi-year epics. Imagine a tv show like Lost or BSG....that actually ended decently.
Thats what you get with comics when the writer knows they will have control for as long as they want. They can plan well in advance, end when they want, and ensure it all wraps well.
Not that all do this, of course, but its far more common now then it was.

But it also leaves a problem. I cant really recommend years and years of comics. Legally its just too pricy, even illegally it can be a mess to get hold of. The investment is just too much timewise as well for something someone may not like.

When recommending you need something easy to try - and its hard for me to think of those. (other then webcomics like

There is a few oddities out there worth trying though. DC had a comic called 'Prez' that was canceled after about 6 issues I think. The premise is stupid (in the future via a bezire series of events a teenager becomes president). However it makes it very plausible given the direction US politics is going. Id like to say its incredible cynical too, but its hard to given real world events that have happened after its publication. Its hardly satire anymore, but it is well written.

Theres also Marvels "The Vision", another short series but I havnt finished yet. Its quite unlike anything else. Its horrible...but in a good way. Horrible as in 'somewhat horrific'. You need to be in the right mood to read it, as its deadly serious and quite emotional.
I think I am recommending these mostly because they show the sheer diversity of even US mainstream comics now. (as well as being some of the few short series).

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