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Originally Posted by Darkflame View Post
+1 recommended.
Its one of those games which is enjoyable as you are learning. You feel your brain expanding a bit. Its like if you did a sudoku for the first time, or the first time you learned a new technique to do so.
Thanks Darkf, really nice to read that from you. Feel free copy paste that into a review in Google Play along with a five star rating
Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Ooh, I am interested, PMing you my gmail account right now

This game reminds me of Chifoumi, a French board game also built around rock-paper-scissor, but the game in france also has a well, in which scissor and stone fall, but paper recovers it.
Great! You're in!

We've been doing a pretty extensive research before registering copyright for Yaru, Chifoumi is very different from Yaru, didn't play it though, is it any good?

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