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Very interesting rambling on ethics. Ok let's say I'm wondering if I should give money to a homeless person. How can I know what would maximize the well being of this person? If I don't help him, will it mean that I harmed him? I think my choice would be biased by personal experience.
We all agree on fundamental ethics principles such as don't kill etc. But the more a situation gets intricate, the more subjectivity seems to take hold of our opinions. A multitude of behaviors can be considered "good actions". Thus that would imply substantial freedom within the idea of general ethics where each individual is left with the choice he thinks best according to his personal beliefs as long as it stays within the ethical limits dictated by society, which themselves are proned to fluctuations. Ultimately we must ask ourselves if such a "loose" sense of morality is acceptable. One possibility is to admit several levels of morality; with at first fundamental laws like: don't kill; then on another level you would have guidelines like: be nice to people. The higher the levels the less people would be coerced into following them. Hence more flexibility in decision making and less importance given to the consequences of our actions according on what level they are taken. So to come back to what adequate behavior to have regarding the homeless person, I think it doesn't really matter...without wanting to sound pessimistic.
So anyway Darkflame your point of view seems solid to me, trying to maximize people being in the state they want to be; as long as it makes you happy and other people happy I don't see any flaws with it.
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