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Just played the game. And i have to say you did a great job on it! I especially like the enviroments, and the visuals of it. I also like the challenging aspects, not only when you're finding clues on where to go next, but also when you're trying to defeat enemies in some certain parts. It reminds me of LBA 1, which i guess is the point of the project as a whole. x)

I had some smaller issues with the gameplay. I felt like the control system was awkward at times, and i'd much rather have it be completely like LBA 1. I'd like to be able to turn around in the direction i choose, with the A and D keys, while running with the W key. I would much prefer that instead of running in four different directions with all the keys. But that could be up to personal preference.

Then there is the issue i've already talked about, which is the shadow incompatibility with Anti Aliasing. That one didn't really bother me that much though. No Anti Aliasing just reminds me of the original game, and that's how i much prefer it. I also found a "strat" that involves cancelling the animation of your ball/machine gun. You basically right click after you've made your first throw/burst, and you can basically spam the weapon much faster! For people who have problems with certain parts of the game, this may be of great use.

All and all i very much enjoyed the playthrough. The ending was a bit abrupt, and i would have liked to play more. But it is a fan game after all, and for being a fan game it's certainly impressive.
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