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Old 2018-02-06, 00:54
gone_uk gone_uk is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: London, UK
Posts: 3
This is why I'm here...

My name is James, and I live in the UK.

I have been a fan of the LBA series since I was a kid, and have repeatedly gone back to play the games whenever I've felt my cravings coming back!

The older I get, and I'm sure like many of you also, crave something new in the LBA universe. We have all been waiting a long time for LBA3 - which may or may not happen. There have been some amazing fans who are going out of their way with fantastic looking remakes, many of which will not see the light of day.

I am a writer, and I have written a story that needs to be told - through gameplay.

This story is not set in the LBA universe - however the gameplay mechanics and style I picture this story having, closely resembles that of LBA2.

I want to bring those who have grown up with LBA something new. New characters and locations that they can get excited about once again... all the while getting that nostalgic kick that they're playing something very similar to LBA.

I am looking to find some like-minded people who can get together on this project. As a writer I have the story set, with dialogue closely behind. This team will need dedicated developers and designers / animators to bring this project to life.

I'd love to hear what your initial thoughts are - and I'd especially like to hear from anyone who may be interested in jumping onto this project.

This is my first post - and a long one too - but I hope it gets across the desire to bring all LBA fans something truly great, that you can all fall in love with again.


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Old 2018-02-06, 02:05
MrQuetch's Avatar
MrQuetch MrQuetch is offline
Quetching a Mr.
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: United States
Posts: 714
I think my initial post was about five times longer than yours. I love what you have in mind, James. I would love to contribute to this project in any way that I can. If I had known you posted earlier I would've replied sooner.

I live in America, and that's all I'll say location-wise. I have been programming since my early years of high school. I have also submitted two art portfolios during that time (traditional and digital), and it has been almost a few years since my graduation. I'm currently doing online school and am working on my own video game portfolio.

As far as artwork is concerned, I have used Photoshop, and Gimp for sprites, textures, and other types of images. I've also used 3ds Max and Blender for my modeling. I can even UV, texture, rig, and animate, and can make a whole character in a day if the time, work, and effort are put into it. For the actual programming, I have worked with GML (Game Maker Language), C, C#, C++, and even Blender Python. GML is my preferred language by far, but I don't mind doing C++. C# is alright.

I hope to help in any way that I can - but don't expect anything anytime soon. I've got my hands full at the moment, and my time is only going to be shorter as the years go on. Things are becoming more and more busy. But, I will do my best to set aside some time so I can do things that are meaningful.

I love the vision that you have about an LBA-like game. I look forward to this.
I am a Quetch. However, I am a Mr. Quetch.
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Old 2018-02-06, 03:20
MevX's Avatar
MevX MevX is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Unity Island
Posts: 368
I hope the best of luck to you James, nice seeing you on the forums!

Wish I could aid with the development in some way, but I am pretty unexperienced when it comes to such matters. It would be overwhelming for me.

With that said, I hope you'll get the support you need to make your idea a thing. If there was something I could help with I would, but like said earlier I am but a newbie.
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Old 2018-02-06, 22:21
gone_uk gone_uk is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: London, UK
Posts: 3
Thanks for your message.

Sounds like you have a lot of experience! It’s a shame you won’t have the time to get fully involved.

Good luck with all your endeavours!
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Old 2018-02-07, 11:39
Lupin's Avatar
Lupin Lupin is offline
Previously Link
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Paris
Posts: 2,782
Welcome to the forums James!

Could you share some stories you’ve written before, or a bit more details on your idea? People are gonna have a hard time committing to what amounts to thousands hours of work without more information.
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Old 2018-02-13, 23:18
meee39 meee39 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 38
I know C, Java and C++ too if it helps. I'm currently trying to learn OpenGL graphics too.
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animation, artist, game codeing, new member

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