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Old 2006-01-17, 09:32
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3D & 2D Progs - Share your views

Ive recently been having to get introduced to large number of packages. Both 3D and 2D. I spent the last night watching tutorials on Zbrush, and the power of the package had my jaw hanging over all night long.

I also got introduced to Shake, the most powerfull compositing software on the market, its incredibly flexible, you could achieve so much using it instead of the actual 3d package.

Also, the fully node based Houdini. No software could rival the particle capabilities of this package, however a downside is the sheer amount of material you have to read to achieve anything, a package designed for professionals with a good 5 years experience, and hella good programming skills.

Also, GIMP, the 2d package from linux... Its absolutly awfull!

Corel Painter on the other hand kicks photoshop ass, gotta love the oil paints pellet (if you oil paint in real life, it makes your life a hell of al lot easier since oil painters only understand colors by mixing them)

Endorphin, this package is an animation package more for the movie industry. Very powerfull capabilities. You can place a force on the charechter, and the charecter simulates what a real life human might do. E.G. put a human model on a rope, it will try to catch its balance, then when it falls it will try to get up in a very life like manner without the need for an animator to do all the work.

MODO, the most powerfull subd package on mother earth, just check out the Luxology-201-Event (google it, i promise despite the file size, if your a 3d modelling enthusast, you love this).

Share your thoughts, and softwares you may have come across.

Finally, the star package, Zbrush. This package allows like no other for the user to work in realtime with litterally 100s of millions of polygons. It has a system like no other allowing you to have pixels with depth, texture and all other data that a 3d object except that it can be purely 2d. Meaning that you can have a light in the scene, and change its direction, and the pixels depending on elevation will react asthough they are purely 3d. The speed with which you could make your organic charechter or shape become a masterpiece is phenominal, and above all else, it allows you to export the 3d model back into your coneventional 3d package (e.g. maya) for it to become a part of your scene!

Share your views on packages you may have come accross
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Old 2006-01-17, 16:26
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Just like to say I love Endorphin, its a real piece of cake to combine Endorphine simulations with manual animations.
I'll certainly be using it in the RMP whenever approperate.

Deep Paint 3D ~ Imagine a photoshop type app where you can paint directly onto the 3D model. Not just diffuse, but all channels.
Painting and seeing a bump map or gloss map in real time as you paint really speeds up the visulation process.

3DSMax's Video Post ~ Very very old function of max that allows basic post production. Its almost a little fogotten about stand alone program.
However, its very usefull for all sorts of things.

Paint Shop Pro ~ Imagine a photoshop app that you can actualy afford

Bryce ~ Still the best for making landscapes, especialy animated ones. Also, it has one of the most powerfull shader system in any bit of software..unfortuntely the material editor hides most of the power from you

Werkkzeug1 ~ Not strinkly software that can help with anything. No export or import. But its a great demo of what can be achieved with purely procedrual textures and objects.
(it basicaly produces 3d screensavers and music-sycned demos...normaly only 10kb big)

Adobe Primiere/After Effects ~ Heavy weight apps that can do just about every bit of composition, edit or layering work you can dream off.
Two main problems though.
a) They dont deserve to be two apps, AE could easily be combined into premiere.
b) No photoshop filter support? O_o

Truespace ~ Cheap, chearfull 3D app. Still great for low polygon modeling and the new version has some very very cool features:
Have to say theres a few features there the big software (max,maya) could do with.

Truespace 3.2 is free:
(TS4 was given away free as well, but only on magazines)

HDRShop ~ Basic, freeware program that lets you edit *.hdr files in a decent way. Great for fine tuneing reflections and scene lighting.
Strinkly speaking, this software is just a stop-gap till PHotoshop/PSP deal with the files better.
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Old 2006-01-17, 19:01
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Deep Paint 3d and HDRShop are new for me, but I guess very usefull!
Originally Posted by ChaosFish View Post
Did you know? Over 30 million people lurk the MBN every day. We who actually post here are like celebrities to them.
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Old 2006-01-17, 19:54
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Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Jerusalem, Palestine
Posts: 4,449
Deep paint 3d has serious compatibility issues, and its tools arnt that powerfull, none the less it does have the pluses darkflame mentioned. However body paint is a similar far more powerfull program.
Also, MODO has the most powerfull 3d painting capabilities, but at a rather ridiculously unafordable price.

Also, adobe premier and aftereffects are dwarfed by shake (shake costs some £5000 for a private personal copy) which is the industry standard compositing package (most every movie use it)
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