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Old 2022-05-17, 22:29
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[2.21] New Game+ modes incoming on the 31st of May!

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By Ben Limare

Hello everyone,

In May this year, we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2 Classic. This event is truly special for me. In 1997, I was 8 when I discovered the world of Twinsen for the first time. 25 years later, it’s now my (dream) job to bring Twinsen back.

As you may know from Gwen’s last devlog, we are working on updates of the Classic games. Before digging into the details, I must confess there’s one thing we kept secret…

We are bringing a NEW GAME+ mode for both Classic Games!

In this mode, you will experience the full story starting with end-game items like the Sabre, the Protopack and Magic Level 4!

Note that you still need to collect all items to progress through the story as you would in a regular playthrough. Look at these amazing GIFs!

What would you do with the sabre?

Who needs to jump when you've got a protopack?

How about a protection spell?

So how did we end up with that mode?

Since our work on porting the games on Luna with Seb, we were able to really go deep under the hood of the games. During one meeting, Seb told us about a debug mod of TLBA2 Classic that enables you to play the games with all items of the game. I couldn’t resist asking him to play this debug mode! After a few minutes, I realized I couldn’t stop smiling. After a discussion with Gwen, Roy and Seb, we decided to create a proper New Game + for both Classic games. A few months later, the result is finally here! I really hope you will like it as much as we did.

The content of the updates

Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic

  • Language select in menu
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud Saving
  • Controller Support
  • Input remapping
  • New Game+
  • Windowed Support
  • Hit by walls toggle on/off
Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 2 Classic

  • Language select in menu
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud Saving
  • Controller Support
  • Input remapping
  • New Game+
  • Windowed Support
  • Auto-centered camera in exteriors setting on/off
These versions will be pushed on every current (Steam, GoG, Itch and Amazon Luna) and future platform where the games are already available on May 31st. A Mac version is not yet planned. Should you prefer to play the original version of the games (no DosBox emulation required anymore), they will be available as a free DLC on Steam. Regarding the Enhanced version of TLBA1 Classic, we decided to turn it into a free DLC (only on Steam). For the occasion, we renamed it “Mobile Edition”. However, we will not support this version, as we wish for current and future players to experience the game with its original difficulty and behaviour changes.

Another change on the 31st of May

For those who already own the games, the updates are free. However, these updates represent a big investment for a small studio like us. We then decided to increase the prices of both games to 9,99€. These changes will occur on the 31st of May, so you still have plenty of time to buy the games beforehand (or to offer it to a friend). After that, should you wish to buy at a lower price, please add the game to your wishlist to know about future discounted sales. Thanks for supporting us in our adventure of bringing back TLBA to the forefront.

Special thanks to our beta testers, who helped us with their amazing precise and thorough feedbacks.

See you on May 31st for a happy 25th Anniversary!
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Old 2022-05-18, 00:20
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After having seen that screen stay the same for years and years, while I, and the world changed...

...It feels very strange to see a new option on there
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Old 2022-05-18, 01:06
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I know some decisions have been controversial with the new studio, but honestly i'm just glad someone's working with the IP
Everything begins with a choice
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Old 2022-05-18, 07:48
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You've got a point there. They can't take away the originals from me, so I can always go back to that.
I wonder if they leave the data files compatible with the original, so if you want to play they as they were you could just get ScummVM to play the original state.
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Old 2022-05-18, 14:09
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I can imagine it's just Seb fiddling alone with his assembly code, isn't it? I once worked for a startup as the sole programmer for two months before I (thankfully) got fired. Hope it's more effective and rewarding for him!

@Styx: I think a bit more positive about the studio because of their bold decision-making (for example open sourcing the original games) and because it seems from the blog posts that Gwen has some skills to make the right tradeoffs. Of course I would also support anyone who's willing to give us fans something to look forward to.
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