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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2022-06-11, 16:01
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Question Was LBA 2 inspired by Flash Gordon (1980)?

I'm asking this because I'm noticing plot similarities.

LBA 2: The Esmers, under the orders of the Emperor of Zeelich (and FunFrock posing as Dark Monk), put the Emerald Moon on a collision course with Twinsun. Baldino figures that out and has secretly built a spaceship that he plans to use to investigate it. That's how Baldino and Twinsen end up Zeelich (well, Twinsen for the second time). Adventure on Zeelich ensues to try to figure out how to stop the moon and save Twinsun.

Flash Gordon (1980): Under orders of the Emperor Ming the Merciless of Mongo, the moon is set on a collision course with the Earth. Dr. Zarkov figures that out and has secretly built a spaceship that he plans to use to investigate it. That's how Dr. Zarkov, Dale, and Flash end up on Mongo, where they are arrested*. After they escape, adventure on Mongo ensues to try to figure out how to stop the moon and save the Earth.

* LBA 2 differs here in that Twinsen is arrested on his first trip to Zeelich, where she goes alone, accompanied with some Esmers, wearing the Wizards' Tunic, and is arrested because Joe the Elf rats him out, which is when he also finds out that he's apparently a wanted criminal on Zeelich. He then escapes and has to steal a shuttle back to Zeelich, which is when the Flash Gordon'esque plot begins.

So, was there any inspiration or am I just seeing things?
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Old 2022-06-12, 12:06
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I'm pretty sure some of the original creators must have watched this movie, so either intentionally or unintentionally, they may have drawn ideas from it, yes.
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