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Fan Games A forum for discussion of any demos and fan games being made. Not for discussion of Modifications.

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Old 2017-08-06, 06:40
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I've been busy with a lot of things unfortunately. Still waiting for my mission call too, should be very close until I leave - that is if they decide I can go (wasn't expecting it to be this long of a wait).

Hey, that's awesome! I've been learning C, and it's made my homebrew for the N64 much easier. Just recently from my trip to Utah, I was talking to my uncle about what I've learned about the C language (which he's been using for around 40 years), and he actually let me "borrow" (more like keep forever) his book on "Game Programming For DirectX" - something among those lines.

The fact that you made this with both C++ and DirectX is really quite amazing to me! I really like a lot of details, but this simple style fits perfectly! Kind of makes me wonder what the original LBA1 would've looked like if Fred decided to stay with the low poly style for absolutely everything instead of "bricks" for the settings. I need to start working on more of my LBA game projects again - I've mentioned them to other users on the forum, but haven't really shown anything.

I love the little movie sequences, and you've got a par on that LBA feel - really love it. You, like Angelus, and some other users have inspired me to make LBA games! (though I still haven't shown anything yet)

Speaking of programming, I've been working on a 3D Island Editor for LBA2, but my last post had a 2D top down view of the islands (which were just plain grids).

Again, great job! Keep up the good work! Perhaps you could give me a few tips on DirectX since I'm not as familiar - of course I have my book for reference anyways.
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Old 2017-09-04, 10:42
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Finished the game.
The script is very simple, but keeping in mind.
I like the combat music. But it differs a lot from the main soundtrack and break the whole feeling.

And I also noticed improper clover behavier. When you came into the room with 50% of your health points and die, your clover will recover only 50% of HP.
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