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Fan Creations - General The place for the creative LBA fans.

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Old 2001-03-10, 21:55
Atresica Atresica is offline
What is this place?
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I found it on my mothers HD!
I have edited a bit because when I wrote it I made quite much spell mistakes and couldn't write really good. I think I'm going to rewrite it sometime...

Anyway, enjoy!

The legend of Magic

War of the Sides

Part one

In the begin of time the Universe created a number of creatures with unspeakable powers called Gods and Goddesses. There were 2 kinds of Godlike: Gods and Goddesses who served the Light and those who served the Dark. Both the sides were good because it was the first balance created in the Universe. The reason that the Universe created the Godlike was that they had to guard the universe before the planets were created. When the first planets were created most of the Godlike became scarred because they were afraid that the Universe would destroy them when all the planets were created, fortunant the Universe did not. All the Godlike had a chance to create a planet and life to their own wish but they were forbidden to choose a side for the created life. So the Godlike created own their worlds and life. Some of the Godlike worked together to create a bigger planet. Later, when the worlds start to fill themselves with live, many of the Godlike wanted to teach their creations the art of Magic. And they got permission on one condition; they were still forbidden to choose a side for their life so they had to teach them in Dark and Light magic. But still there were Godlike who were not agree with the situation, they also want to choose a side for their created life. So they did what they wanted to do and give their own people a side. Millions of years past before the first intelligent creatures evolved and then it happened: the Universe wanted that the new species chose a side. Some choose Dark other choose Light despite what their God/Goddess choose, but their where also civilisations who wanted to wait, again without the knowledge what their own Godlike choose. It was peaceful for a while but than another problem came: A group of Godlike became angry because their creations didn’t want to choose their side and they started to punish them with curses, plagues and other stuff. Finally the Universe founded out that these gods choose a side for their creations wile that was forbidden. So it called them and said:
‘Thou Godlike disobeyed me and tried to disturb the balance between Dark and Light, thou have punished your own people without they have done evil, thou will be pay for what thou have done. For this very moment on no Godlike may interfere with the War of the Sides, thou are only allowed to create a chosen for your intentions, this chosen has to be mortal but you may equip him or her with the Knowledge of magic’

With these words in mind the disobeying Godlike created their own chosen one’s, because the chosen one’s are creations of a Godlike, they will look similar to the intentions of their creator. So these chosen one’s looked ass horrible ass your worst nightmare, in fact, they were your worst nightmare. But they had to wait until the time was come.

planet: Atretor
species: the Dok’la and the Ismor
time: 11 billion years after the born of the Universe
Godlike: Da’hok
Side of Godlike: Dark

Atretor was one of the first planets with intelligent species: the Dok’la and the Ismor. These species lived from the beginning on in peace with each other. There developed 5 important civilisation: Ramor, Untir, Si’at, Worngdor and the Fornir. The Ramor, Si’at and Worngdor choose for the Light wile the Untir and the Fornir were forced by Da’hok to choose the Dark. The first sign of the War of the Sides began on the continent Timare where the Fornir and the Ramor lived.

place: Valley of the Light, Ramor territory
time: 3 minutes before noon
day: Day of the Creator

It was peaceful in the Valley, Farmers brought their cattle to the market, Priests were preparing the ceremony for tonight and children were playing with each other. There was no cloud in the sky and every one was happy until….

‘Sir I have signed strange warriors in the forest’
‘What do you mean with ‘strange warriors’’
‘They were all in black and they ware all capes, you couldn’t see nothing of their face except their eyes and they were glowing’
‘Glowing eyes ? HAHAHA I guess you’ve drunk to much’
‘No serious’
‘Go away Rander don’t bother me with your silly stories’
‘But I’m telling you, they will attack tonight’
‘Go away Rander ! Or do I have to call an exorcist to look if you are not possessed by an evil spirit ?’
‘No sir’

Time: 2.30 hours before the ceremony of the Creator
place: Temple of Light

2 priest are in the Temple of Light.

‘Master, why aren’t you say anything’
‘Sometimes the silence can say more than thousand word’
‘But I don’t understand it’
‘Hmm’ The Priest sad down and looked sad. ‘Tonight something will happen’
‘What will happen Master’
‘It will be the beginning of the end’
‘The end of what ?’
‘The end of the reality we are familiar to’
‘What do you mean with that ?’
‘Da’hok…he will…’
‘Da’hok will what’
Than the novice noticed it; his Master was pierced with an arrow.
‘O in the name what is good’ And this were the novices last words before he also was pierced by an arrow…

Part 2

Place: The forestcity Acdoar, at the border of the Fornir Empire
Time: 2 hour before noon
Day: Day of the Creator

‘Char’ills’ said a heavy voice. ‘Leader of the Fornir.
Char’ills looked immediately down out of respect. ‘Yes my lord at your service’
‘It is time’
‘But my lord, the Ramor were our allies for over hundred years, I can’t attack them, it is against goodness of our entire being’
‘Are you questioning what supposed to be mine?! Are you questioning if I know what is good !?’
‘No my honourable God Da’hok’’
‘Than look into my eyes’
Char’ills looked up and the figure stepped out of the darkness. Char’ills saw something he never could imaging. Da’hok was nothing more than a simple boy with a small stick in his hand. Char’ills couldn’t believe his own eyes, the great Da’hok was a child ?
‘I sad: Look in my eyes!’ said the heavy voice.
Char’ills did what he said. When he looked in Da’hok eyes… he realised that he HAD to obey his only good god.
‘You, Char’ills, and your army are chosen to be my army of justice and you will be commander’
‘So not your Chosen one ?’
‘No, I don’t want to risk him yet because I know you will succeed’
‘But their army is large and the walls of the Temple of Light are heavily guarded’
‘I should punnish you for your couwarcy but I don’t. Instead I give you and your men these capes, they will give you unspeakable powers’
‘Thank you my great Lord’
‘Now go before I change my mind!’
As fast Char’ills’ legs could carry him, he ran to the barracks.

Place: Garden of Light, Temple of Light
Time: Ceremony of the Creator

The day of the Creator is the far most important day in the culture of the Ramor. It is also the begin of a new decade (the Day of the Creator is only once every 10 years).

‘My honourable Master every one is ready’
‘Alright let us begin’

The high priest opened the book that was lying in the front of him but before he could say a word he heard an afoul scream coming out of the temple. Every one who was present at the ceremony looked in the direction of the front gate of the temple.

A large scary creature appeared, it was totally dressed in black but you could see it’s eyes; they were glowing…

‘So’ started the creature. ‘Who of you is the priestess of Light ?’
‘We won’t tell you, you miserable creature’ sad the high priest.
‘You don’t have to tell it anymore, I’m sure I will find her’ The creature jumped to the high priest and pulled at his face until the claws of the creature the high priests skin pierced. The blood droop of the priests his face.
‘So you are stuborn, aren’t you?’ said the creature with a smile. ‘Well than it’s now time for the hard way. MEN !! SLAY THEM ALL!!!’
‘STOP!!’ Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. A young female Dok’la walked in the direction of the creature. ‘I’m the Priestess of Light’
‘Very well’ The creature walekd towards her and looked to her with a mocking gaze. ‘You shouldn’t have said that my dear…’ And with one move the creature pulled the hart out of the young Dok’le. Green blood filled the whole altar. And the lifeless body was thrown on the ground as if it was dirt.
‘Hmm it is long ago I saw such a mess’ said the creature and took a bite of the hart he still holed in his hand.

It was late. Char’ills thought it was a good time to make a late walk before he would return home. The air was filled with the smell of burned wood and blood. He took a look around and grabbed something out of his pocked.
‘I guess I’ll keep this as a souvenir to this beautiful day’
He held a green, bloody thing in his hands; The hart of the Priestess of light …

Part III

Place: Council of the universe
time: Timeless

‘This is absurd! I demand that they are getting removed out of the council!
‘The Universe has said clearly that a godlike may not interfere with the War of the Sides’

All of the Godlike in the council agreed with each other; Da’hok and the other rebel Godlike had to be thrown out of the Council of the Universe.

‘Silent, silent please’ said Ferner, Goddess of the planet Unhir and member of the high council of the Godlike. ‘Let our messager speak’

‘Ehum’ begun the messager ‘To be exactly 3 light-years ago, Da’hok and his troops invaded the Empire of the Ramor and the Empire of the Si’at and killed every living thing
‘We know that part so bring us to the next message’ said Ferner.
‘Ehh, yes, ehm…. 2.5 light-years ago, Himtoïpes, formally known as Lord of the Light Side, has poisoned every Dark planet in his solar system.
There is also news that the rebel Godlike have made their own council despite they hate each others Sides.
‘The loss of a bright God like Himtoïpes is a remarkeble thing,’ said Egarkle, one of the eldest Gods of the Universe, ‘but the formation of a counsel is even more remarkable! They seem hate us more than they hate each others Side and that wile the reason that they hate us is that we don’t mind if we are Light or Dark’
‘Maybe old man’ started Gormel, also one of the high council. ‘you think that is remarkable but I think they should be banished to the Between-Dimension.

After these words the hole council was shocked; banish someone to the Between-Dimension, you don’t even hope that your worse enemy would go there.

‘Do you know what you just said Gormel ?’ asked Ferner if she didn’t heard ‘m well
‘I know what I said and if we want that the Universe will be like it should be, we should banish them!
‘It is a heavy punishment’ said Egarkle.
‘If you ask me not heavy enough!’

Again the council was shocked and people started to talk through each other

‘Silent!’ said someone who has not spoken yet. ‘This is maybe a heavy punishment but I have to agree with Gormel; they don’t deserve any better! I suggest we should vote.
‘A wise decision, Nemesis’ said Ferner ‘Let us vote’

Every one voted and it took a wile before the votes were counted so some of the Godlike took a little break.

‘Nemesis’ said someone ‘Wait!’
Nemesis turned herself around and looked to the one who was calling her; it was Gormel.
‘What is it Gormel?’
‘I didn’t know you would be agree with me’
‘Where is crime to punish, there is me’
‘Yeah, but if they agree to banish them, how are we suppost to get them here ?’
‘I know someone who can’
‘Who ?’
‘Gormel, you are still young for a God of the high counsel but you can wait till I will tell it to the entire council’
‘Come on!’
‘No, you still have to wait young one’

The votes where counted and all Godlike returned to their seats.

Ferner stood up and a paper was handled to her.
‘The result is: 32% against the banish and 68% pro banishment’

Again there was some rumours in the council.
‘But how are we going to get them to the between demensions?’ was the main question and every one looked to Nemesis and Gormel.
‘I and other Godlike have searched long for the proper the candidate for this mission and I have chosen a young Godlike who is eager to prove herself; her name is Sendell…

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Old 2001-03-10, 22:37
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i guess i remember

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Old 2001-03-10, 22:38
Atresica Atresica is offline
What is this place?
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Somewhere far far away
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Old 2001-03-11, 19:43
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Very Good.
http://fanficmaker.com <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Phones & Tricorders & Blobs & Bombs & 3D Printers & TVIntros also;stuff
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Old 2001-03-11, 20:25
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hey this is another one?

i remember
sdendell had a fight against other gods

or something
wich one is that atre?
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Old 2001-03-12, 16:56
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By the way Jesse, cool avatars
I come from the land of taxes
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Old 2001-03-12, 17:17
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Old 2001-03-12, 19:24
Atresica Atresica is offline
What is this place?
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Somewhere far far away
Posts: 11,995
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The first part!
The absolute begin!
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Old 2001-03-12, 23:20
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