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Old 2017-09-16, 08:20
TheCrimsondoll TheCrimsondoll is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 4
Twinsen Not so New, not so old, Still passionate as hell!

Hello everyone here!

really, reallllllyyyyyyyy Glad to find this place that, impresive enough, still has recent posts and active.

I am "TheCrimsonDoll" but most people calls me Tamaki (Not my real name either tho, lol).

First of all, how did i find this forum? Well, in a few words, i am trying to speedrun Little Big Adventure 2, and i got stuck several times in a few tricks needed to perform and pass the game. In my desesperation to learn the tricks i got to this forum, finding that here most people isn't speedrunning the game with the infamous SJB, which i find amazing!

I was trying to grind the skills to run it as the "Ladderboards" of speedruns archives goes, but i am not so conviced about.

Before getting into more details... Twinsen's Odyssey was one of the first games i played by myself and tried to beat all by myself when i was around 6, since the game wasn't in spanish (My native language) i couldn't get far enough and end it properly, getting stuck, but still I LOVED (ANd still do) messing around there and there, finding silly stuff and "glitches" all around.

The first time i actually was making progress, i guess i was around 12, i remember it really well, my mom loved to watch me play and see how this lovely story goes. So yeah, this game has a lot of value for me when i sit and just think about it (The music gets me every single time).

Trying to not go into details about personal stuff xD, i ended the game, but i came back from time to time to it, to mess around or just have the amazing aventure again.

I got into speedrunning a few months back, well, i just loved watching people speedrun stuff, and after a few weeks trying to pick a game to run, i got to the final 2, Dungeon Keeper and Twinsen's Odyssey. Both games can be ran in a computer, recorded and even streamed easly, sadly i don't have the PC or the tools to run stuff from my WiiU or N64 for example.

I don't regret picking Twinsen, i started grinding for real this week, and i can make a few things there and there but today when i finally starting getting into few things i got SO stuck that i almost threw my keyboard away.

Now that you have my backstory... Here i am xD

Sorry for the long post!

By the way, for the runs without the SJG but with save glitches or the jump over spikes... Any suggestions for the last one? I can't get over the electric field before going to the moon!

Oh, and i check that you have a Run for the game following the game as it goes, i'd love to try that too!
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Old 2017-09-19, 23:11
kash's Avatar
kash kash is offline
lba 4 life
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: switzerland
Posts: 60
Hello and welcome!
It's great that you want to speedrun Lba 2! We definitely need more people doing runs. Also you should try speedrunning Lba 1, in my opinion it's easier to run.
About jumping on the electric field, you have to do a running jump and keep holding the jumping button and when twinsen lands tap the sporty behaviour button. It takes some practice to get right.
If you have other questions you can ask them in the speedrun forum or on discord. Also if you are interested in watching live runs or doing one yourself you can find infos on discord
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