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Old 2013-05-04, 23:16
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See, that's exactly the problem here, everyone here (except for me and Kasia it seems) is so intent at wanting to preserve the old MBN that they categorically refuse to do anything radical. So the MBN never really progresses. This is very much like the EU, where there is a big crisis, yet people refuse to do anything radical. So the ones who do shit like tax evasion, are never seriously held accountable by the current governments, there is no way to get REALLY new governments up, and no way to make the current governments to consider radical changes. Result: no progress, at all.
People, realize it for once, the MBN is not only oldbies - it also newbies and it also the people that have yet to come. Anyone who can make any serious on-topic contributions is currently reluctant to join because of the atmosphere that is here, and it seems the forum staff don't care at all. Apparently, it's more important to preserve those who can contribute to the Roofles Den than to attract those who can contribute to the on-topic LBA sections.
Then, let me ask then, wouldn't it be better to just rename this entire forum to the Roofles Den Forums, and stop pretending it's a forum about LBA? It's obvious the LBA games have become of secondary, if not even lower level, importance here.

What I suggest doing is:
1. Refocus this forum back from off-topic/Roofles Den to LBA.
2. Start striving for maturity and professionality, like the WordReference Forum or the Encyclopedia Titanica Forums. Or hell, look at the DieHard Wolfers Forum which is a forum about Wolfenstein 3D, and try to learn from it.
3. Start holding people seriously accountable for their actions, and this includes stopping turning a blind eye to provocations just because they're meant as jokes. We shouldn't strive for a high school cafe level of behavior and discussion here.
4. Again, get fresh Moderators. It doesn't help that we only have two active Moderators who always agree on everything.
5. Make a section for technical discussion on LBA games. LBA Modifications kind of fits but not really. LBA Modifications should be a section specifically for modifications to the game, everything else should have its own technical section.

Honestly people, think of what anyone from Adeline would think of this forum. Remember that this forum is officially endorsed by them. Now, do you really think a forum where discussions like A_LIPSTICK's "Would you do me?", my lolicon crap, etc. is appropriate for that? Do you really think a forum which prioritizes contributions to the Roofles Den over those to the LBA sections is?

If things aren't remedied, things WILL get worse. It's happened on BetaArchive where the refusal on the part of the forum staff to do radical changes to make the forum more mature, has caused factionalism and rifts to start, and it WILL happen here on the MBN too.
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Old 2013-05-04, 23:40
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I'll have to quote Pimmin on this one, Battler:
Originally Posted by Pimmin View Post
battler why do you spend so much energy trying to get people in more trouble??
People like to talk about different things. And you seem pissed that there is more activity in Offtopic and Roofles than the rest of the forum. Weeeeeell! Who's to blame for this? ourselves, we are the only ones alive here. And I don't feel bad.

I mean - look, 95% of the forum is devoted to LBA, with all kinds of sections for news, trivia, creations, mods, etc. whereas Offtopic is just 1 (ONE) little section. By Twinsen's magic beard, why in Zirla are you complaining about needing new sections for technical LBA stuff etc? seriously?

Also, the games have already been over discussed in the past 15 years, in case you're not aware.

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Old 2013-05-04, 23:45
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Battler, please read the rule about respecting the moderators.
I am honestly getting rather tired of you bashing the way we run this place.
I won't warn again. If you don't like it here start your own forum.

And yes, very yes: and this applies to anyone. Think before you post something that makes this place look like a bad community. I like to point out that's part of the reason why lipstick feels the need to be offensive for starters.
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