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TwinEngine An opensource reimplementation of the Little Big Adventure game engine. [url]http://twin-e.googlecode.com[/url]

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Old 2010-03-18, 20:42
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Post Twin Engine trainer

Hello MBN'ers

A year ago I made a trainer for the LBA 1 and 2 games.
Then I checked out the forum allot, and found out there was another engine called "Twin Engine".

So I started making a trainer for it.

Just found no clip (collisions off) and health. I stopped the Project and it was forgotten since the Twin-e project looked kinda dead.

So yesterday while I was bored, I started making more options (for myself ofcourse). And the trainer is near the 0.8 version.

I think there are still people that use the Twin-e

So my question is:
Should I make the trainer, or is this Twin-e project dead, so the trainer is useless?

Twin-e users please reply
And ofcourse every MBN'er may reply

~WhiteSnoop (NL_Alex)

PS: for ppl who are wondering why I hack. And for the ppl who think hackers are gay:
Hackin is like a hobby to me, just like ppl who collect stamps
Download my trainers!
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Old 2010-03-22, 22:54
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Twin-e was never used casually, only for development puproses I think, and mainly I think developers like Zink and Alexfont studied the code.

However, recently (few months) Alexfond released a rewrite of the LBA1-engine which he still develops.

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Old 2010-04-11, 23:46
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Twin-e has just been implemented in a re-release-package (pretty obscure) for the Nokia N900, their new flagship. Phone boosts a 800*480 screen, which allows for pixelperfect LBA'ing. Can't seem to save however, nor do I hear any sound. But anyway, the message be clear: Twin-e just got a boost in end-user useability (if that darned save-function is still present somewher..) :-)
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Old 2010-04-12, 00:36
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Yes, I saw that youtube video demo. Was pretty darn cool.
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Old 2010-05-04, 00:15
Dead1nside Dead1nside is offline
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Forgive me, I just saw the YouTube video of TwinEngine running on the N900. I've checked out the SF.net webpage and there appears to have been recent commits. Is it still under development?

I'd love to see this working on the upcoming Pandora handheld. http://www.openpandora.org

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Old 2010-05-06, 23:56
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Check prequengine at googlecode. Its a reimplementation of twinengine and its more compatible now. Still not finished
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twinengine twin-e trainer

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