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Fan Games A forum for discussion of any demos and fan games being made. Not for discussion of Modifications.

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Old 2005-06-13, 00:05
Blafards61's Avatar
Blafards61 Blafards61 is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 124
I'm having a question

I just want to know if someone's doing a LBA Fan game with Lba1's graphic.
Well the same character,the same graphic,sound or anyway,in mid-2D-3D game like LBA 1.

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Old 2005-06-13, 00:10
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- Blafards61: No-one yet, but I'm going to start that exact thing (a LBA between LBA 1 and LBA 2 on LBA 1 engine) this summer. However, there already is a fan game we're developing on the LBA engine - it's the LBA Prequel.
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Old 2005-06-13, 01:46
SpaceGuitarist's Avatar
SpaceGuitarist SpaceGuitarist is offline
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*ahem* weeell theres my game, "MBN and LBA!" - still demo but who cares - just not the same characther (which i guess it would be kinda boring if it was..).

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Old 2005-06-13, 18:53
Blafards61's Avatar
Blafards61 Blafards61 is offline
Magic Level: Red Ball
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 124
Well,I tried this but it's not really what I search.
That we have to click somewhere to move the character.
I means that I'm searching a Lba Fan game with LBA1 engine,the same texture the same character (or almost) as in Lba1.
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Old 2005-06-13, 20:19
xesf's Avatar
xesf xesf is offline
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Yes LBA Remake

But as OBras said we're now thinking in a new story to make an LBA Prequel using the same LBA1 engine. You can see some threads related here: 1 | 2 | 3
Personal Blog - blog.xesf.net

TwinEngine v0.2.1 win32 beta released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 1 original engine.

The Sacred Carrot website
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