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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2011-01-06, 15:49
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Funrock's Shadow: The Calm Before The Storm Fan-Fic

This was supposed to be the early plot-line for my project but instead is a story.
This fanfic talks about William a young 24 year old quetch, and it also explains what life was before funfrock's reign of terror. It also is about many chances that William could have met Twinsen but things have gotten in his way.


Funfrock's Shadow: The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 1: Prologue

This is the story about a man. A young man in his mid 20's. He lives on the elegant and peaceful Principal Island.
In the small town of ForestBurg, a quarter stone throw away from the bustling city.

The town is known for one thing. Fish. Everyone seems to call it "Fisher's Haven" a place where you put aside your grudges and your differences and just Fish.

But, recently, it has been so silent that not even the crickets can be heard.
Something is not right and William can feel it. William is the protagonist, born a Quetch and raised by them, he grew up on White Leaf Desert Island, and at the age of just 16 his father died in a horrific mining accident. His mother left with 2 children and no money had to work just to sleep quietly.*

At the age of 19, his mother was put to rest after she died in an earthquake. Without parents and a guaranteed source of income, William and his 15 year old younger sister, Zoë had no hope and no food, not even a pillow.*
On the eve of Zoë's 16th birthday, the two were roaming the street's seemingly aimlessly, looking for work, food, or whatever was edible.

After 2 hours of walking the streets Zoë could not go further and needed a rest. William realizing that a lame sister would only slow things down, he guided her to a street-side bench before continuing on. Just around the corner of the "Corner Rug-A-Drug Store" was a man, a business man in a grey suit, he carried a pitch-black suitcase with him everywhere. He was standing behind a counter that read "Miner's needed urgently" William also noticed smaller subtitles in fine italic print, so small that you'd have to squint just to read it. "Every worker will be paid 2000 Kashes for 3 Years".

"Sir, there is no more coal left on White Leaf, why are you recruiting?" William questioned the man. The Business man lent forward and gave a William a Warm smile before convulsing in laughter "GWAHAHA!, did you really think we're stupid? Of course there is no coal here but there is plenty on principal island"." Kid, I'll tell you what, since I like you, if you join now I will personally give you an extra 250 Kashes, No Questions Asked!". The Deal was to good to be true, if Two Hundred Kashes are enough to buy a boat then, Two Thousand is just what they needed. But, the Business man's Last words Echoed in his mind " there is plenty on Principal Island". The repeats were endless and somewhat haunting. After some thinking he came to the conclusion that there was no option more necessary than to just say "YES!".

The Explanation will be hard for Zoë to take, but, there was no Other way. That night the Ferry Was due to Depart for Principal Island, and goodbyes were plentiful and mostly very painful.
The Sea breeze and the aura of salt water stained his nostrils.*

At Midnight the horn blew, the anchor was raised and it was time to depart. It was one final goodbye . As the boat Departed, The ghostly fog engulfed the ship and it was nearly Invisible. But, a faint voice could be heard in the distance. Saying, "Happy Birthday Zoë"

To be continued...

Forgive me but I had to write all of this on my IPod touch.
Chapter 2 will be released soon.
Stay tuned and don't touch that dial
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Old 2011-01-06, 16:25
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looks nice keep up!
YouTube channel:
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Old 2011-01-08, 01:01
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Thanks streggs, been a bit busy with work and all but chapter 2 is gonna be way longer.
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