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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2007-03-13, 22:57
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A Speedrun anyone?

After looking through CannibalK9's speedrun, I decided to try my own speedrun. It's pretty good so far in the 'test' runs, but I've come across a major problem; FRAPS slows down my computer like hell.

When running it with even the trial version, it becomes unplayably slow (1-2 seconds of lag, low FPS). My only other option is to set-up a camera next to the computer, and record it from there.

Anyway, to the point. Do the rest of you guys know any other good programs I could use, or if there's any way to stop the annoying reflection off the screen when using a camera facing the screen?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Does anyone know any good sites to host it from.
PS2*: If you help, I probably show you the speedrun early when it's done!

*Post Scriptum 2, not the games console!
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Old 2007-03-13, 23:42
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Hosting place: Youtube and Stage6.

NEVER EVER FILM YOUR SCREEN WITH A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!! No1 wants want the watch it then...

Instead use SnagIt instead. I assume that you can *cough* buy *cough* the professional software version.

Edit: I'm actually uncertain that SnagIt will really make the fps go faster, or that it even can film of the non-windowed application...

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Old 2007-03-13, 23:49
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host it on youtube.. in the special new LBA channel

i do know some other screen capture programs (free) but from my own experiences FRAPS is by far the best. And if you think the trial version is annoying you could always get the full version from some place.. if you get my point

And for the fps problems.. i don't know.. I used fraps to record video's in bf1942 and even bf2 at very playable framerates..

edit: lol .. seems like someone had the same thoughts as me..
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Old 2007-03-14, 02:13
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what you COULD do, is if you have a 2nd pc with a TV tuner, you could connect the two pcs by S-video and record it that way.
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Old 2007-03-14, 10:31
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I used Fraps the full version.
But I was given a free copy by a online group called 'Teppe'

Teppe was the group I played the GTA games with online.
They have their own Teamspeak channel that sparked it off.

Called Teppe Teamspeak.
It still exists but their Teamspeak address keeps changing because they can't find anybody to host their Teamspeak channel, and it seems that there are no hosting services that will host Teamspeak properly without messing it up terribly.

I found that using Fraps, I would get pixels go on top of each quite badly if I left Fraps on for too long. - So everytime I had to do a cut scene, like for 30 seconds.. I would have to take atleast 4 Fraps captures before I would have it all. // So essentially, I basically added and cutted scenes so they would fit together. So there was more editting involved than it looks

The gameplay mode didn't seem to lagg or pixelate though.
- I'm wanting to get the LBA ingame cinematics, and then I can consider making a LBA video
LBA Fan-Projects:LBAnet: Colozen world (thread)
Half-Life2: Citadel Island
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