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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and it's world.

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Old 2017-05-31, 14:38
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Fragments in LBA 2

Did I miss something, or does nobody in LBA 2 tell you that you need to collect the 4 fragments on Zeelich and unite them?

Like, the Zeelichians talk about the fragments here and there (Especially the francos one) but it's never really made clear that it would be in YOUR interest to find them as well.

I think the wannie fragment was the least likely to find, I found it just by aimlessly exploring the mines, was completely surprised when I found it and I didn't even know I was looking for it.
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Old 2017-05-31, 22:46
meee39 meee39 is offline
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When I got it it told me to not play with it and that now is not the time to be messing around, then it gave it to me.
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Old 2017-06-01, 12:16
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I think you are being told, but pretty late in the game.
Sendell tells you to collect them when the emperor turns the moon reactors on, if I remember correctly.
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Old 2017-06-02, 20:40
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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Sendell tells you to collect them when the emperor turns the moon reactors on, if I remember correctly.
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Old 2017-06-25, 19:26
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Sometimes I forget that you're not really supposed to know about the fragment hunt by the time the moon reactors are turned on.
It's kinda neat that you're allowed to get them before the game tells you why you need to, I guess that's supposed to be the least linear part of the game, all of Zeelich is accessible and you're supposed to backtrack through all of it to search for the fragments in a race against time, though I'm pretty sure by the time I reached island CX as a kid I already had all of them except the last one.
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Old 2017-09-15, 22:29
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As long as Sendell was asking for them, I had them all but one, you need the Emperor's sword. The truth is that I never thought of that, I only sensed that they were necessary because Twinsen caught them.
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Old 2017-09-16, 02:52
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I like these ideas, Reek. They're interesting. Sorry I was so immature in the past.
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