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Old 2006-02-08, 00:18
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Originally Posted by LBAWinOwns
I think that that quote is enough to just close this thread, at least combined with this quote:
He said he understood.
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Old 2006-02-08, 00:54
Axx's Avatar
Axx Axx is offline
The return of
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Although I may not agree with everything (although I agree with quite a lot of it) what schitzn has said, some of the responses here arnt very productive. I think first and foremost we should respect the fact he is a new member, and you may well be the reason he is driven away, and others aswell, when this is the sort of treatment you give new members.

Also, dont expect him to think the way you think, he hasnt been around for that long, and even if he has, he is still entitled to his own opinions.

Lastly, LBAWIN, whatsup with comments like close this thread? Threads imo should not be deleted without a strong case, e.g. spam. Even threads that may offend us or cause tension between members shouldnt be closed (unless they get out of hand). And I really hate the way the suggestion for closing a thread keeps poping up everywhere on this forum, cool it people, we dont need to be policed 24/7 over silly things. And were old enough to deal with rubbish some other person thousands of miles away has to say to us.

Finnaly I personally am still baffled by the argument between me and cf. I agree i should not have stuck the word "fuck" in my post, and i apologise for any offence i may have caused to members of this forum.
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Old 2006-02-08, 04:19
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Axx: I agree.

And if anybody calls me a "suck up," I will close this thread!
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Old 2006-02-08, 09:43
Illumina's Avatar
Illumina Illumina is offline
Tomorrow burns!
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Axx: I agree much about it. Prejudice is low! Remember with the comeback of Racist Ray after his banning period?
I think that it's wise to question anyone or anything who thinks that they have the answer. The ultimate sum of all natural laws comprise the concept of God. And I'd have to be smarter than I am to describe it. The only way to enjoy life is to enjoy it and not to try to spend your time to deconstruct it. Ultimately, on the most of tombstones it should read: "Humans: Fretted, worried, prayed, procreated, sacrificed, died anyway." - Devin Townsend
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Old 2006-02-08, 12:10
schitzn's Avatar
schitzn schitzn is offline
Trippin Alien
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Location: Oz-trail-e-err
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I have read and appreciate your views to my original post.

My original post here I can understand with ChaosFish to be taken as a little too early for someone new to be complaining.

I sincerely apologize if I came across agressive or rude or as complaining, I was attempting to try to present more so a outsiders perspective on my own first impressions of browsing the forums, because I want to support this place.

The way I see the future is that the LBA community is going to start growing strongly with new members, considering the arrival of Freds news combined with the enthusiasm of the effort of MBN's Campaign and hopefully the eventual production/release of the game, this place is the where the world comes together as a community.

Maybe its just my personal experience, but I have not discovered a forum where a public view of two moderators are disputing in a manner that I interpreted as 'less than pleasant'. I dont know your reasons for the dispute, but just reading the tension and coarse language within it gave me a bad impulse enforced by me quickly picking up on the forums that you both are moderators and thus drive this community.

My reason for spilling the beans was to perhaps maybe share an idea on preventing other new members from feeling perhaps a bit like I did when discovering these posts available to me, a new forum member, and my own feelings probably enforced by my own belief that this game is more driven towards the younger age groups which are likely to view these mature-age posts (considering LBA has a mild nature about it).

Again, this is my opinion, I accept yours, and I sincerely did not intentfully try to come across agressively or complaining. Just an opinion and Im not distressed if its not to influence someone who might understand it from the way I see it. Im here to stay and support the community because just like you, this is LBA and its one of the best games out there.
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Old 2006-02-08, 15:26
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 6,688
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I think your thread was a good idea. Always feel free to express your opinions and such. Your second post was a bit pushy (at least for me), but I can understand where you're comming from.

You'll definitely see more fights from time to time. People who've known each other for 7 years tend to do that

On a more serious note, moderators here take care of problems quickly before they get out of control (gosh, just ask Atresica).
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Old 2006-02-17, 09:21
Claudio Claudio is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 19
I am also new to this site but have read it now and then during maybe 4-5 years. The conflict between Axx and Chaosfish isn't one where they hate eachothers. It is ultimately a disagreement on how to get LBA3 made. Try to keep that in mind when reading their "conflict" :P. Both of them have the same goal and both of them are frustrated not to reach it.

The LBA community has waited a long time for LBA3. Most other communities would have dissolved by now(is it really > 8 years since LBA2 was released already?). Especially if you look at how things have occured. With Adeline Software closing a large chunk of hope for LBA3 vanished. Still not enough to make the Magicball Network lose hope appearently.

See this forum as a group of people that's waiting for a game they love. During the years a friendship has formed. All friendships have ups and downs. Friends can often talk about subjects they otherwise wouldn't talk about with other people. Simply put. A lot of people here have known eachothers for some time. It is this friendship that has kept the community going.

Makes one ponder if Adeline ever understood what kinds of effects their game would have.
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Old 2006-02-17, 12:17
ChaosFish's Avatar
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
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I'm annoyed.
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Old 2006-02-17, 20:09
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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I'm also amazed at the longivity of this community.

That and how big it is (for a game series that's 9 years old).
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Old 2006-02-22, 01:27
Alex Alex is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Scotland
Posts: 21
I am a big LBA fan but when schitzin said it may offend the rest of the community. Well there isnt really much of a community for LBA apart from here. I mean there are a few sites but they are all linked here. LBA2 isnt even on sale anymore and all of us are pretty old. I dont think ull find a 6 year old wonder across this forum in search of thier favourite game which was made before they were born.

PS I am new to these forums and i dont see any other new people whining about the language
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Old 2006-02-22, 12:56
ishashobar's Avatar
ishashobar ishashobar is offline
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i don't care about the language. i don't dive a sh-
*ishashobar is cut off by a mob af angry noob because of his launguage
what happened to all the horses?
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Old 2006-02-23, 03:47
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Actually, language on this forum is fine, as long as you don't direct it at any forum member, his/her religion, his/her family, etc...
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Old 2006-02-23, 17:56
DedalousDiggle DedalousDiggle is offline
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Originally Posted by Lightwing
Actually, language on this forum is fine, as long as you don't direct it at any forum member, his/her religion, his/her family, etc...
His/her momma.
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Old 2006-02-23, 22:31
Purple Sheep's Avatar
Purple Sheep Purple Sheep is offline
Sheepie for short
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 3,517
Originally Posted by Alex
PS I am new to these forums and i dont see any other new people whining about the language
When I was new I actually had pretty much the same view as schitzn (and still kind of do, though I'm more used to the way the forum is now), but I'm not really the upfront type, so I said nothing.
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Old 2006-03-08, 14:49
Bender's Avatar
Bender Bender is offline
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the way i see it, as long as a member isnt using this langueage directly aimed at anohter,member, but using it as an expression, then i think its all good.

agreee with Lightwing's comment.
Veni, vidi, vici.
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