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LBA DM The general discussion about the LBA-DM Half Life MOD. [homepage]

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Old 2000-10-10, 12:17
Phyber Phyber is offline
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Location: Australia, Perth
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Well, most of you might not yet know, but i have become a part of the team (right Phoenix??), N e way, I thought that i might start doing my bit. Starting with a few ideas. I emailed Phoenix about the menu in half-life but he hasn't got back to me yet, so thats what i am doing at the moment. I should have that finished in a couple of weeks (school and social commitments slow me down a bit). It might be longer.

I would like it if the site was updated (or can i update it if no one else will??), because its almost two months old.

that was the first thing, second, i would like to know please who is actually going to write the script for the mod?? I'm assuming its those who are doing uni courses, but i'm just curious.

Third, whats going to happen with the weapons, and whos going to make them (i don't think i will be n e good at that), and it doesn't appear to me that anyone has been assigned. Well we will see how it turns out.

And last thing of all, are we going to have 'classes'?? like in tfc, but more character based (ie u can choose to be a hotdog guy, funfrock, twinsen, baldino, zo`e or some of the other characters (like and wizard, rabbibunny, quetch, grobo or the other race i can't remember at the moment, where each character had different abilities (ie twinsen can cast magic, zoe can heal and baldino can build different things, and the hotdog guys attack with their sticks?, mabey have bullets come out the end like the fat soldiers (another character?)

Ohh well, i think that is enough to get us started thinking. i don't mean to take control at all, just a few sugesstions for us to think about. I might get your messages early/late due to time differences and school, so it might take a while to reply sometimes. n e way, i will see how that goes

Thanx for letting me on the team!!
Old 2000-10-10, 14:58
Phoenix's Avatar
Phoenix Phoenix is offline
Your God
Join Date: Oct 2000
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Exclamation Briefly.....

I'll have to be quik Phyber cause i'm on the college network at the moment but basically last night my mail server went down so i could only read you message - not reply. I'll get back to you tonight - but generally what your doing is fine and I will update the website with your details once I have got the account info from WebSeed.
Old 2000-10-10, 20:00
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Viking Mothership, Living Quarters
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Welcome to the team! yes you can choose who do you want to be (for more info read the old forum), and after we will have a success with a half-life mod we'll probably convert it to newer game and add new features (I hope you all agree with me)

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