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Old 2007-02-18, 16:57
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The Twinadv Problem

Im a bit sick of all the bullshit from chaos, and im pissed off that i got blamed for the twinadv take down. Ive decided to respond to chaos's comments in JJ's depressed thread.

Originally Posted by ChaosFish View Post
Ok, rephrase - ME posting in this thread was a mistake.

And I don't like you because you've proven to be an arrogant megalomanic bastard too many times, including that time when you stole money from certain people. So don't expect any respect from me. And as far as I'm concern you can go right ahead and open a thread in the Dear Moderators forum, and if someone decides to ban me because of that, I probably don't want to be here anyway.
Stole money? Ok here's a very good point that needs to be made. Jasiek (not forum Jasiek, guy who made twinadv with me) told me when we set up the newer twinadv that he no longer cared about the money, and that he no longer wanted it from me to pay for the site, just as long as i pay for the newer twinadv. Then when he took down the newer twinadv, never sent me any of the documents i made for it (or the petition which is in no way the property of anyone apart from the twinadv site itself), and stole my work, he demanded the money back.

Should i really pay him? its £70, i could pay that in an instant, but i choose not to because he stole my work and ignored several emails where i asked him to send them. And in the end of the day, i remember everything i said and could write it up again, he's money is lost, and imho he deserves it for treating me the way he did because he felt he didnt get credit, and i did. Thats why everyone lost twinadv, i still have £70, he stole twinadv from the world at the peak of lba3 interest and during the campaign, thats called stealing.

You keep dwelling on the twinadv thing, how i didnt give credit. Thats not the issue, the issue is how much i got attention, and thats only natural, i speak to the developpers, and i wrote to the game sites, and i contacted everyone personally, in the end of the day theyre going to mention my name. And yeah its nice to see my name on website X or Y, but only because its nice to see how much of an effect i had made. Im always more than gratefull to the MBN community, but i was the leader of the campaign, the initiator and one of the forefront organisers and campaigners, and like any leader, i got recognition. I didnt ask for it.

Regarding me saying "I" all the time, sometimes admitidly i didnt pay attention to the fact "I" was not the sole creator of the MBN, but i never intended to take credit for someone elses work. Its that simple

Chaos, think what you like of me , dont accuse me of something unless you feel like making a thread about it. Ive opened up about the problem so many times on my part, because i have nothing to fear and have had no bad or scandalous intentions. On the other hand, you along with Jasiek and even to a certain exten Alexandre plotted everything (taking down twinadv) for a while, at a time when none of you had the courage to speak up and tell me you felt something was wrong. A brave bunch you are ey? And even then, none of you would explain

So what happened with twinadv. Well, first i got an email from chaos saying he was no longer going to continue as part of the team. All is good. Then jasiek says so too, all is good, then alex, all is good still. It would be hard, but whatever. Time comes to pay for the domain again, so i pay and ask them for the work. First they say i have to do it, ok no problem, then they wont send me some of the work, then none of it, all the content in a .doc file, then that never shows up.

Earlier i told Jasiek id send him the money for the first twinadv out of good will, as he had pardoned me for not being able to send it earlier, when this all happened i put that on hold, i was naturally suspisious. Then he demanded it several times, while at the same time telling me twinadv was no more and hadnt sent me the files. He went back on his word after pardoning me, and in no way has the right to demand the money. Thats just pathetic, its like giving a gift and asking back for it, you shouldnt have pardoned in the first place.

Choas overall wanted a bigger say in twinadv and felt i should operate in a different manner while we were in twinadv. Chaos, i make the content, and i choose how i want to operate. Twinadv was mine, the programming was Jasieks and Alexs, you had a trivial role so to speak, bitching. Aparently they all believed i was claiming more credit than i deserved, fair enough, not one of them had the courage to speak to me and explain, "hey ahmad, so and so, im not too happy, could you change" instead the jointly plotted, without me being the slightest bit aware there was a problem in the first place, to take down the site and content at the most crucial time. Then blamed me for that. Yeah im not happy, and yeah im not gonna send the money, eye for an eye homie, he's not going to smell my money.

I was most dissapointed with Alex, because i felt like he is a nice guy, but why couldnt he speak with me? Im still not satisfied by his answers, i dont think he should blame me, rather blame himself for not speaking to me to express his concerns. I swear i would have listened and changed what i did wrong. Jasiek wasnt too active towards the second half of twinadvs life.

Proove me wrong, but dont make hints here and there if your not going to tell the whole story. I will post emails sent between both i and the three of you later this week.
Old 2007-02-18, 17:09
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Can't we all just get along? Please, I don't want to take sides, I don't want a forum war, I want this to be the one forum where I no longer have to hear people bitching and hating each other?

Can we please just show some love for everybody? All of us? Please?
Old 2007-02-18, 17:13
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You what?!
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It was a bit annoying to see Chaos attack you for no present reason in the Depression Thread, but you two clearly have had your troubles, it would be nice if you didn't bring them into the boards, I think... Maybe not everyone wants to see.

Alex and Jasiek (these are people from MBN, AlexFont and Jasiek, or not?) I couldn't really understand that part, somewhere you said they were different people I think.

Don't really wanna get involved, but I think it's a shame the site had to be shut because of whatever petty differences your team had come up with.

It's good that you've explained what happened I guess, but this thread seems to be asking for trouble...
Old 2007-02-18, 17:27
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Originally Posted by Axx View Post
Jasiek (not forum Jasiek, guy who made twinadv with me)
The guy must be Polish too apparently.
As for the rest, seriously, I don't give a wooden nickle about that whole case.
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Old 2007-02-18, 17:37
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Call eachother up on Skype or something. Seriously. These sorts of forum/internet related disputes get blown all out of preportion untill people think eachother "enemies".

Im sure they blame you just as much as you blame them. Little oversites on your part you havnt even thought about probably annoyed them more or something, just as them not sending you stuff annoyed you.

Are you sure they even "plotted" to take the site offline? Maybe they intended to change it and something went wrong?

I dunno, just from my expirence it seems arguments normaly stem from both sides thinking the worst of the other, and then using that thinking to treat them worse.

Either way,even if I am wrong, Im affraid I have to agree with Ricochet that this threads probably a bad idea.

Forum arguments rarely work towards increased understanding between parties, they normaly only inflame the situation.

And yes, I am very aware this is frustrating because you wish to get your point accross and not be seen as a villian.
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