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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2003-04-15, 11:22
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Twinsun Back To Citadel Island

Back To Citadel Island


This fic is happening after LBA1.
I have only tried the LBA1 demo, and I have only read how LBA1 ended, so the informations about Twinsun before LBA2 may not be so correct.

Citadel Island

Twinsen and Zoe were returning to the Citadel Island.
They saw the Island in the horizon, the citadel was ruined and smoke and dust rose upon it.
While the ship came closer to the Island, Twinsen noticed a big crowd in the port.
The crowd happily danced and sang songs.
The military outposts and patrols seemed to be completely destroyed.
When Twinsen and Zoe got out of the ship, they were welcomed by the crowd, songs were sang and a big party was about to begin.
After walking to the main plaza and being surprised by a big statue of themselves, Twinsen and Zoe got to Chez Luc, where they were even more surprised by an outstanding portrait of Twinsen.
It was magically glowing, and the whole place was filled by the calm and peaceful energy of Sendell.
After a while, Raph, Pat and Fab performed five new compositions, that was included on their latest Greatest Hits album.
The party continued until the morning, and everything was showing that the dictatorship of FunFrock is over.
But Funfrock was not finished yet, and he planned that he would find a god like identity, get the rid of Twinsen, and then destroy Twinsun.
The good news was that the doctor one day told that Zoe was pregnant, and Sendell had a prophecy about Twinsen and Zoe's coming child was going to be called Arthur.

Principal Island

Twinsen and Zoe flew with Dino Fly to Principal Island the day after the celebrations was held on the planet, and there they visited the shops on Peg-Leg Street, and took to the library.
The library keeper said 'Hi Twinsen! I have heard you are writing a new self biography!' and Twinsen said 'That's right! This time is the book about my adventures I had, while I was saving this planet!' and the library keeper said 'Sounds exciting! We are getting so many new books, and our layer is filled, so we are beginning our big expansion of the library tomorrow!'
Then was Twinsen and Zoe going to the reading hall in the library, where many of the rare, expensive and big books stood.
Twinsen read a book about Principal Islands history, while Zoe read a book about the famous ferries, who was produced on Principal Island, and then was they going back to Dino Fly, who flew them back to Citadel Island.

Citadel Island

Later on that evening, was Twinsen and Zoe was sitting by the cliffs near the ruin of the citadel, where Rosa the cow had found her new grassing area, was Sendell coming by.
Sendell said 'Twinsen! I have a bad prophecy to tell you about Funfrock!' and Twinsen said 'But me and Zoe finished Funfrock!'
Sendell said 'Funfrock is still alive, you have to believe me! He is gathering strength, and he will come back as a god, who will destroy Twinsun!'
Zoe said 'That sounds impossible!' and Sendell said 'Funfrock must be killed, for this time, will he use supernatural powers, that will make a cosmic catastrophe, and only Twinsen can stop Funfrock's mad plans!'
The next day was Twinsen and Zoe beginning to rebuild their house, who Funfrock raged, and Twinsen and Zoe bought things for their coming baby.
Twinsen was also buying the latest Twinsunian newspaper, who wrote 'A spaceship from Emerald Moon landed by Desert Islands harbor!' while Citadel Islands weekly newspaper wrote 'There is fear for an invasion of Esmers from Emerald Moon'


Twinsen, Baldino and Zoe had taken to Cafe Twinsun in Funky-Town the next night, and a Rabbibunny disc jockey played mini discs with the latest hits from Funky-Town's hit lists, the room was crowded, and the dance floor was filled with singing and dancing guests.
Some Grobos entered the cafe, and Baldino said 'This is some of mine and Paul's old friends!', and one of the Grobos said to Twinsen 'Hey Twinsen! You was the one, who saved Twinsun from Funfrock!' and one of the other Grobos said 'It's been a while since you been here!'
Twinsen said 'Yes! And the cafe got bigger! New arcade and pinball machines had been sat up in the cafe, while I was away from here!'
One of the drunk Grobos, who was on mushrooms, said 'But it's still a dangerous place at dark! Me and my friends are wanted for mugging and night life trouble!'
The drunk Grobo pushed Twinsen to the floor, and the Grobos, including Baldino laughed loudly, and Zoe asked Twinsen 'Are you allright?' and Twinsen said 'Yes! I knew that Baldino and his men was up to something bad!'
Twinsen and Baldino got in a fight on the dance floor, where everybody ran away, and two Grobos tried to grab Twinsen, but he got them beaten out with his magic ball, and then he kicked Baldino in the face, and the Grobo felt unconcious to the floor.
The guards showed the Grobo's out of the cafe, the disc jockey played his music again, and the dance floor got filled again.

Citadel Island

Paul who had returned to Citadel Island aboard his ferry, walked to the ticket office, and said to the Quetsch at the cash register 'I have to say that I'm sorry for coming so late to the harbor! A thunderstorm sinked the ferry, and the storm is on the way to Citadel Island and Desert Island!'
Nobody on the two islands believed that a storm was on the way, the twin sun was shining on Citadel Island and Desert Island, and life went on as usual, until heavy and dark clouds rolled in over Citadel Island, and caused a lot of chaos.
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Old 2003-04-15, 15:28
TheMagicalElephant TheMagicalElephant is offline
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That's much better! Keep the good work, and improve your writings. I can already see that this one is longer and more interesting than the previous fics you wrote.

And once again:
Keep writing, and you will write even better
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