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Old 2003-07-07, 09:36
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The return of
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Exclamation Lba uplift

I now have the time to make the website i spoke of earlier, but considering i want it to be not only a fan site, but a lba commercial site, attractive to every sort of gamer out there, as lba is a game which truely captures aspects of many different genres. The site must have a number of elements, one of the main will be the design. What captured the fans of lba was the mood of the game, in my opinion, as i noticed many people whove played lba speek of "that feeling" ,am i not right when i say that feeling is very strong when first meeting dino fly ontop of tippet island? What added to it all? yes it was the music. Try staying in that area when the musics off. I will ask Phillipe for the lba midies, and hopefully somthing new once Weve put the site up.
The stages of creating this site are as follows:-
1. Making the suitable design which captures that "feeling". For this we need artists, or general designers to come up with somthing creative, then, in the case it involves making 3d renders, ill do that, in the case it involves effects, i believe Darkflame can take the job. People who wish to help in the design, create a little sample, wether drawn, or on pc, of what it is you propse, and hand it over. Many projects go into words, i dont want anybody making designs to inform me till he or she has made it. Sorry for the short deadline, but I like to see results, rather ideas in thin air. I hope 3 days is enough to produce the idea. Just for the designers, read the following, as it may alter your ideas, and give you a wider scope of what it is im planning.
The site will be multi language. For all Non-english section it will most likely contain the commercial section of the site, and the news. The english site, which will be under my hand, will have a very large, considerably gigantic amount of information. Depending on what im able to produce, there will be
*The commercial section. This is a section which is more prepared for the future, rather the present or past. Im most certain LBA3 will start after Trium Planeta. ill explain this once the site is up. There are so many things that point to this. I want this site to also be as an encouragement to the company. Some may disagree, but that is why i emphasize at professionality, and attractivity of the website. This must look good, i also want it to appear like a game which has a large fan base. I felt usually tempted to buy games simply because of the size of fanbase, and number of fans. It has the effect of making me believe its a good game. The commercial section will introduce lba in a way which wasnt before, that is by pointing out elements of different genre's in it, e.g. Lba has elements of rpg because so and so. I will write out this bit, and then i will hand it over to lightwing, that is because he's english language is strong, such can make everything all the better. He can edit it as he likes, just as long as it looks attractive. The other section of the commercial are things like the typical, story, why its unique, its rating, reviews previews. Hopefully new ideas will pop up as we go along. Again, hopefully lightwing is able to do the honors of making it all look good.
The Usual sections, such as news, and the game sections, lba1 and 2. This will be more foccused for current fans of the games. In this section we'll just get all the programs made, but unlike before, rate them, explain how they work, take a few comments from people who used the program (somthing interactive, where you can voice your opinion)
Then comes the new unique section. This will have the analysis section. All clues and news, will be brought together, and will be explained. In the case of phone interviews ive done, apparently much was misunderstood, and cut out. I got the picture back then, but i never posted it all, as i could not record the conversations (all future ones will be). This section will have a backup of every link with info on existance. There is somthing i recently discovered about f4-toys, No one, for example, realises the power in the name of the company, again ill explain that when i start working on the site.
I will attempt, for the first time, to make a breakthrough on the subject of lba1 and 2, and have them uploaded to the site, leagally. My case for this is that the games are no longer published, and there are people who wish to benifit from the product. This may take some time, its not just as simple of getting the approval of Frédérick. There may still be legal issues concerning right that lay with adeline (the rights are linked to the company rather the 3 shareholders who own delphine, the main of which is as i know called olivér). Bur as you may remember, fred engaged in talks with delphine many times, at the end of nocliche was the last time. After that he rest his hopes in adeline coming to get the rights for lba from him, where at that moment he could bargain with lba3. I strongly believe Adeline is down again, this is due to the critical financial report of the company. I have some shocking information regarding this, it will aswell be put in the website.
The projects section will be another good section to put up. This section could list people, and there talents, so that people working on projects could see who could be of use. But people who want to get on this list may have to give evidence of their abilities, they will be juged accordingly. Projects alike will also have to have evidence that progress has been made, and that it has a high probabitity of succes.
Lastle there could be the section of community work. Ill give an example. My profession has become modelling. There people copuld post questions, and accordingly i would create a short tutorial. Its best we stick with lba models. Id be happy to discuss questions on the modelling of lba charecters, the environments, for the people interisted in programming, the enging of lba2 (nectar engine).
The section on the creators of the game. This should be the little dedication room, and a little bit of information on the inside of their lives, i can promise some nice stuff in this section
The petition section. This would have a little form to fill out, and a submit button, and also a page to view all the petition submiters. This is more effectinve than submitting petition stuff to one person through e-mail, ane people would be much more willing to help out!
The lba fan section! This would be a very very interisting section You probably know as much as i do as to what it will look like.
There is more i have thought of but i cant remeber 0_o
I want to make a timeline concerning when we'll start, and when well finish, as some of you may know, now that ive finished my 3d dragon, i am working on citadel island. The amount of time ill have will sill be reasonable to finish turning designs on paper into the files ready to be put together. I want people who are PROFESSIONAL in 2d design to step up. Show me your work, and your on. ill give people the work (not too much though) and excpect it to be done by a certain date. Thats the only way it will ever be made. Next would be compiling everything. Im not sure how we will do this outside a web design package, but ill figure it out.The next stage would be to hand everything to programmers to compile the website, from them it can be handed over to a person who can upload it. All the documents made will be handed to people from different countries of different languages, with capacity of translating the information, and then returning the translated versions. They will only have to do it once, unless news pops up. And again, all the non commercial and news sections will be ignored, it would be a killer task to translate all the others.
Another thing, i want the site to load very fast. So we will have to take care when it comes to the size of the site.
Before the site is submitted to search engines, and the general public, i will ask fred to review it, and to have anything unapropriate pointed out for deletion.

In the end itd be good to impress fred and others with a site of this scale, if your interisted in helping, put your hand up. Dont pm me, just say it in this thread, ill pm you accordingly. I hope the designers can submit there designs within 3 days. Draw them on paper or on computer, with notes explaining what it is you intend, strongly recomend you dont create the actuall buttons yet. I dont want the whole site to flashesized. flash made buttons would be good, nothing more. Ive been thinking of a comercially attractive name, in the end Twinsen's Adventure is the sort of name that appeals to the gamer, there is ground for objection here, tell me what you would like it be, dont critisise(unless you got somthing better) As a kid i found the name "little big adventure" boring. Im sure others who dont know the game might think so too.
Send your work to [email address]. No more than 100 kb please, if you think its worth it, the 500 kb is your limit, else upload it where i can visit, keep it secret.

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Old 2003-07-07, 11:40
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I fully support the idea and I'd love to help if I can *raises hand*.
I have some of the LBA1 maps and all the indoor LBA2 maps (http://wacko.free.fr/lba/i/items/complete_scenes/). Not all the maps are on here, I believe wacko has the remaining LBA2 maps and there are some of LBA1 on The Temple Of Bu (Homer and Chaosfish also did some of the LBA1 maps and I don't know if you're free to use those so you'll have to ask them about their maps. I can also do some 3D modelling work (not sure if you need that but I thought I'd just mention it . I use 3DSMAX 4.2 to make my models. All of them are also on The Temple of Bu (except for the one in this post , I don't have the acctual model anymore though, but I think DeViking has it if you need it). I think if the site will be made right, it can attract a lot of people (it might help to make a lot of links on a sidebar, that always makes me think it's a big community ). Just one minor thing: try not to make people think it's some internet game made by a small group of people but make them think it's a real commercial game. I trust you already know how to make the site right but just a sidenot . Good luck, I trust you can do this, and like I said, I'll help if you need me. I can also make screenshots if you need me to .
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Old 2003-07-07, 11:53
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Yup, you can use my maps, too.
Vote for Remco the Remulator!


The 100.000th post on the MBN is made by me!
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Old 2003-07-07, 12:23
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morshem morshem is offline
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Axx, this site sounds so great, I just can't wait to see it!

Count ChaosFish and me for the Hebrew translation .

The projects section will be another good section to put up. This section could list people, and there talents, so that people working on projects could see who could be of use. But people who want to get on this list may have to give evidence of their abilities, they will be juged accordingly. Projects alike will also have to have evidence that progress has been made, and that it has a high probabitity of succes.
You mean projects like the Twinsunica for example? Then I guess I can fit in this category...
You want evidence? Go here, choose "Titles and text", and search for "morshem". Enough said .
Hlomap, my little LBA website.
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Old 2003-07-07, 12:53
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ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
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Of course I'll agree helping to make the hebrew, but one request:

Please don't make a forum in your site!!
It will split the LBA community, and that would be awful if you ask me.
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Old 2003-07-07, 16:54
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As I cannot do much for the LBRA project at the moment, I would be glad to help on this website. The idea sounds very good to me.

The only problem is that in about a week I'll be on holiday, and probably return after four weeks. When do you want to have the site finished?

I could help with webdesign, PHP and MySQL scripting, concept art, a Dutch translation and general ideas.
As a proof for my webdesign/php skills you can check the LBRA website (here). If you contact me I will give you access to the team member log in (which isn't finished yet, but it can show you my php/mysql skills).
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Old 2003-07-07, 19:08
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I could help with the spanish translation.
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Old 2003-07-07, 22:14
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I can do artwork as well if you like; though I am unsure what I would need to draw. Do you mean backgrounds, borders or illustations?

Last edited by LukeNoNumbers; 2003-07-07 at 22:31.
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Old 2003-07-07, 22:21
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Why has this been moved to Off topic? It has to do a lot with LBA hasn't it?
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Old 2003-07-07, 22:31
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It's not exactly about LBA.
Some Fan Creations forum would have even be better, actually.
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Old 2003-07-08, 11:49
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The return of
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Originally posted by wacko
It's not exactly about LBA.
Some Fan Creations forum would have even be better, actually.
this thread is about making somthing which
Retrieves info on lba
Promotes lba commercial wise
i think it should be retransferred to general

The design has no set formuala, for those who want to make a design, its your own ideas that count, make it as you like, and submit it
[email address]
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